IT Workers Should Call Bluff Of Greedy Tech Giants Fighting Trump In Court

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Americans with IT skills who have been fired by Disney, Toy-R-Us, Microsoft, Facebook or other predatory exploiters of the H-1B visa system need to mobilize immediately and apply for jobs with the tech giants of America. They should don body cameras, take cell phone cameras, screen shots of their applications, and, accompanied by witnesses, apply to the top companies, who just filed a joint legal brief against President Trump’s terrorist travel ban.

The top tech and Internet-based companies in the United States filed a brief on Sunday with the exceedingly liberal US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, supporting an ongoing lawsuit against the executive order banning travel from seven terrorist infested nations from coming to America.

They allege the ban “inflicts significant harm on American business, innovation, and growth as a result.” The 97 signatories to the brief also claim negatively impacts their recruiting and retention of talent, threatens business operations, and hampers the firms’ ability to attract investment to the United States. Sometimes there are trade-offs in life. Nobody said protecting America from terrorists would be pain-free.

The companies are arguing in their court filings that Americans aren’t available to fill their staffing needs. Given that level of commitment to the lie, how could the companies not hire willing, available Americans? The H-1B system is rigged to allow companies to pretend that Americans aren’t available to fill the jobs that they are staffing with cheap foreign labor. Are they willing to demonstrate to the court and the American people that they’re lying, that they’re gaming the system?

If the applicants are completely ignored or denied, it’s a refutation of the tech companies’ claims and possible grounds for a discrimination based upon national origin lawsuit, with being a United States the basis for the offenses. If they are qualified and not offered an interview or position, it undermines the claims of an inability to find suitable Americans to meet their staffing needs. If they are offered a position at a lower, foreign wage level, it’s ammunition for the argument that the companies are shunning Americans due to economics, not a lack of domestic talent. If they’re hired at an American wage, the argument of the companies is bolstered, that they’d put more Americans to work if they could only find them, demonstrating potential legitimacy of their contentions in support of using H-1B labor.

The tech industry of America is providing the opportunity to conduct such a challenge and those with the proper skills should coordinate an effort to take advantage of this opportunity. Get together, file applications and document the entire process. The anti-American Obama DOJ no longer exists. Attorney General Sessions has been a longtime advocate of America first policies, particularly in the area of employment. The Silicon Valley “masters of the universe,” as he calls them, are predators that Sessions is quite familiar with.

The tech companies fighting against President Trump in his efforts to protect America from terrorism, who want to recruit from terrorist nations and invite unknown potential terrorists into the nation in the name of their own greed include giants we’re very familiar with. Names such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, AirBnb, Dropbox, eBay, Intel, Kickstarter, LinkedIn, Lyft, Mozilla, Netflix, PayPal, Uber and Yelp are included.

Rather than whining about the impact of security measures, what they should be doing is engaging in a massive hiring drive to recruit the supposed “finite” talent that is available in the United States before the pool goes from a pretend fabricated shortage to a real one.

Security has its consequences, particularly when compared to the lawless free for all that existed for the past 8 years. Building a border wall might be bad for business for some southern California taco stands too, who have also become accustomed to reaping the benefits of a steady flow of illegals across the open, terrorist-friendly southern border. “Refugee” processing and resettlement has also become a huge profit center for false humanitarian groups, all of it at the expense of the American people.

Like it or not those days are over; the special benefits of their predatory practices are ending, regardless of the size and sophistication of the offending opportunistic and exploitative business.

If American workers really are that hard to find and the situation really is as serious as the multinational corporate predators claim, we’ll see a frenzy to attract American workers including job fairs, signing bonuses, the types of things that existed when Americans worked American jobs. So far the only action is whining and legal briefs, which tells us everything we need to know about the nature and validity of the false complaints.

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