Woman Warns US Infidels – Islam Not A Religion Of Peace – They Plan To Erase You

muslim Christian woman talks

The woman in the video has a strong warning. She says that America is at war and many of us still don’t realize it. Some of us want to know what’s happening to our nation, we want to know the truth, but are still being lied to about the invasion and overthrow attempt of our nation, having “been fed the lies for so long.”

She warns of the dangers we are facing and the kind of country that we will leave to our children and grandchildren if we don’t stand up for ourselves and for them. She says, “America is in danger because of radical Islam.” She points out, “There are several types of Islam and several types of radical jihad.”

She talks of the legal jihad that is happening in the United States right now with the creeping introduction of Sharia Law. The media is not telling the truth, she says, because most of the media as well as the colleges have been “taken by Saudi Arabia.”

She urges, “You need to listen to me folks, this is about your future, this is about your children’s future. This is about your country,” as she interlaces her warnings with her spiritual message. “Do I fear more about your country than you? Why don’t you wake up and why don’t you listen to the truth?” She notes how the legal jihad has already spread to Britain with Muslims going to their own courts.

She also points to the political jihad, media jihad and educational jihad. She says, “I am calling every American citizen to understand. Is there any peace in Islam? I want to laugh. How long are you going to look around since September eleventh and look around, look at all these people that are killing, killing innocent people, and look at their backgrounds.”

She says she has terrorist expert friends, many experts, who have informed her that today there are more than 5,000 ISIS terrorists living in the US. She says every state is a terrorist breeding ground. “They are in your backyards, they are in your schools, they are in your communities.”

She’s had intimate, personal experience with refugees, having been one herself, but argues against bringing them to the United States. She says she knows what the Koran says about infidels, every non-Muslim. She presents her view of her own Christian faith in parts of the video as well.

She compares the Islamic invasion to termites invading a building and ISIS is part of the plan, persecuting all of these people as a plan to force them to occupy the Western world.

She warns they are planning something bigger than September 11th, asking, “Can you afford another September 11th, can you afford another recession?” She reminds us that while Americans were crying in horror at the destruction taking place in our nation on September 11th, Muslims in the Middle East were celebrating.

“What a big lie,” she responds to the characterization that “Muslim is a peaceful religion.” If that is the case, she asks, “Do you see anywhere in the world a peaceful Islamic country as she delivers a message to Muslims of the world, for them to open their eyes.

She also warns of the Muslim Brotherhood’s infiltration into our government. She tells Americans “We cannot shake hands with the Cobra. You cannot take the lion into your house and try to make it a pet. And we cannot shrink back and try to apologize, try to say ‘oh,’ no, no matter what you do they have an agenda. No matter what you do this is an ideology. They are there to erase you, they are there to burn your flags, which they do under your ‘freedom.'”

She calls for world unity as she recruits an army for Jesus Christ to stand in opposition to the threat that she warns is about to be unleashed. But regardless of one’s personal faith, her message has parts for all Americans and Westerners to consider. And warnings that fit well into what we’re seeing with the invasions of Europe and the push to do the same thing here and around the globe.


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