Wilders Set To Continue Nationalist Trend With Netherlands Prime Minister Victory

geert wilders


It’s all coming down to the next few hours as Geert Wilders has a chance to make history and continue the populist surge that began with Brexit, continued with the election of Donald Trump, the rise of nationalism across Europe, including the increasing chances that Marine Le Pen will score a victory in France in May and that Angela Merkel may be unseated as Chancellor this fall in Germany.

The report is from a Wilders stronghold of Volendam in the Netherlands, where most of the comments were complimentary of the candidate who, like his American counterpart, wants to put the Dutch first in their own country and get a grip on the rampant, out of control importation of Muslims, many of whom do not have honorable intentions. The particular problem in the Netherlands is with Moroccans who don’t have the same level of civility that their hosts do and who, for many, have outgrown their welcome.

The first man interviewed describes Wilders as being the one man in Holland who is fighting for their country and the people, not for Brussels. That sounds kind of familiar, doesn’t it?

The diplomatic conflict between Turkey and the Netherlands over the Holland’s refusal of allow two diplomats who were sent to campaign for increased powers for Erdogan in his own upcoming referendum to speak to their citizens inside the Netherlands has intensified the anti-Islamic sentiment. That could prove to be a benefit to Mr. Wilders, as the visuals of Turkish flags raised in protest on their streets as well as their own flag being taken down at their Embassy in Turkey by protestors has left a bad taste for the unruly behavior of some Islamists. That  same lack of civility and criminal tendencies has helped to feed Mr. Wilders’ campaign.

The election, which is set for Wednesday, is a referendum on the whole invasion of the Netherlands and Europe that has been engineered by the EU. Just as is the case in Britain and may soon be the case in France with a Le Pen victory, the EU is seen as the problem, with Merkel and her domination of the continent having led to the mass influx of barbarians that Wilders now seeks to correct.

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