Wilders Gains, Vows To Continue Fight To Restore Netherlands, Rutte Remains PM

geert wilders


Dutch MP Geert Wilders was unsuccessful in his bid to become the Netherlands’ new Prime Minister, with Prime Minister Mark Rutte able to hold on to his current position. It is a vote for more of the same that indicates the level of frustration or discontent has not yet reached the proportions necessary for the nationalist revolution to become victorious.

The Dutch future in the short term will either be one where the Netherlands continues its descent towards becoming an Islamic nation that bears little resemblance to the Holland of the past, the co-conspirator with Angela Merkel of mass invasion who retained his position, PM Mark Rutte changes his stripes and takes corrective action, or they will be the beneficiaries of the actions of other nations to curb the invasion and retake power from the European Union which caused all of the destructive chaos and cultural disintegration. If the Netherlands continues under option one with its present course, the next election will likely have an even more favorable outcome for Wilders and his PVV.

The citizens of Holland have said through their votes that they are not willing to take those actions themselves. That may be a fatal mistake but it’s one they’re now going to have to live with. Wilders was upbeat in his messaging following his defeat, tweeting, “We won seats! The first victory is in! And Rutte hasn’t seen the last of me!”

Earlier in the day Wilders had taken a pragmatic view of the day’s events, saying, “Whatever the outcome of the election today, the genie will not go back into the bottle. And this patriotic revolution, whether today or tomorrow, will stay.” Sometimes, in this day of immediate gratification, it’s easy to expect instant success, but politics often takes time.

Brexit and the election of Donald Trump were responses to overwhelming political dissatisfaction with the criminal elite. The Dutch haven’t, as a group, yet reached that point but it seems inevitable that they soon will, given the incumbent running on a platform of consistency and stability, political code for more of the same.

The Daily Mail reports Rutte’s VVD party lost ten seats and now has 31, with Wilder’s picking up seven to 19 in the 150 member parliament. His party is now tied for second place with others. Rutte will be forced to coddle together a coalition government, though the globalist EU tool has vowed it will not include Wilders.

Wilders ran on a position of closing their borders to immigrants from Muslim nations, shutting down mosques and banning the Koran, in addition to exiting the European Union. The voter turnout for this year’s election was the highest in 31 years, with 82 percent participation.

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