White House Leakers Identified, Trump Will Fire and Prosecute When He Returns

white house leakers trump

It’s finally catching up with the leakers on the left and once they’re facing prison time, their desire to cover for the corruption and criminal acts of their political masters may not be enough to keep their tongues from wagging and their gums flapping.

OAN has announced that multiple White House staffers will be fired for leaking classified information when President Trump returns from his overseas trip. Not only will they be fired, but they will be criminally prosecuted.

Trey Yingst reported being told by a source at the White House that “three people have been identified as leaking classified information.” Yingst quoted one of his sources as saying, “This is criminal and that people could go to jail.” Of particularly concern, says Yingst, was a leak last week having to do with intelligence information about terrorist organizations in the Middle East, specifically in Raqqa, Syria, developing laptop bombs that could be used on commercial airliners. The leakers not only damaged national security but the information was gleefully used by the dishonest mainstream media as a means of attacking President Trump for comments he allegedly made about James Comey and for “not being trustworthy” with sensitive information because he had shared it with Russia. 

He points out that it is something that “could ultimately target the United States and was leaked to the media, it was leaked from a classified format, and that is one of the many leaks that has come out of this White House in the past few weeks that has been a major concern to President Trump.”

Yingst says the particular day for the firing of the leakers is not known, that the Office of Government Ethics has received information from the White House about these three staffers.” There is then “a process that the Government Ethics Office will have to follow, it will then come back to the White House and then the President will be able to make that final decision to fire those staffers.”

Last week we reported on evidence uncovered by the solid investigators at Gotnews that Dina Habib Powell, current Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategy and friend of Valerie Jarrett, Huma Abedin, Ivanka Trump and Hillary Clinton was under suspicion. They stated that current National Security Adviser, HR McMaster had also been implicated in their discovery. 

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12 Comments on White House Leakers Identified, Trump Will Fire and Prosecute When He Returns

  1. Somehow it is very hard for me to believe that Ivanka Trump and McMasters are leakers! I would need evidence to believe this.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // May 23, 2017 at 9:13 pm // Reply

    You are right!They need to be hauled on the carpet and then expunged

  3. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 23, 2017 at 8:02 pm // Reply

    I would think that the people suspected of leaking sensitive data; that the discovery of them would be kept quiet until the actual firing and arrest. Whoever leaked this should be on the chopping block as well, and arrested.

  4. Like I said, there aren’t enough “good”, trustworthy people around anywhere to fill his cabinet or his staff. All those who think they know better should have tweeted Trump with the information they had on his people, instead of waiting for this and then complaining about what President Trump should have done. Trump has thousands of people working for him in his many businesses and not one has betrayed him. I’d say with a record like that, he could use our support now that he’s in the middle of the swamp! Every time he does fish them out, someone always has the arrogance to suggest what he should have done – after the fact. Again. like I said, his list of accomplishments is still longer than his setbacks, which would decrease considerably if obama hadn’t left behind his leftover pedophile rings that protect each other and just won’t flush! He’d also accomplish even more if he had a Congress that worked WITH him and FOR us, instead of a bunch of lifelong establishment bureaucrats on both sides.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // May 23, 2017 at 10:50 am // Reply

      There are thousands upon thousands of good trustworthy skilled people who could fill his administration. They’re all the people out here in America who worked their backsides off to get him elected. There are so many of us. I know our President likes to hire successful businessmen and military generals, but the minions who would be true to him are out in America. Let me give you an example. Our former sheriff has 33 years of law enforcement. He was trained in anti-terrorism by Israel, he has trained in every aspect from the FBI, he is a helicopter pilot and rescued people in Katrina and Rita hurricanes. He also caught the five black perpetrators who murdered a young white college couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. He had a 90% murder solve rate while he was our sheriff, and he also saved us beaucoup tax dollars when building jails, etc. This is a person perfect for the DHS, who needs a top cop, not a military general.

      And I know tons more just like this man, one of whom should have headed up Veteran’s Affairs, but never got a chance to even submit a resume. There are millions of us out here who have been waging a battle to save America for over 50 and 60 years and we fought to get this man elected. Our former sheriff spent 18 mos. as the E. TN person working to get Trump elected, he was a delegate, and he spent all his own money.

      Oh yes, when Mr. Trump goes back to those who worked so hard out here in grassroots America, he will find some very qualified and loyal people who will do anything for this administration that he asks.

  5. Patricia Anno // May 23, 2017 at 9:47 am // Reply

    You know its fair to say these staffers may be gone like yesterday will all they can thieve and steal while President Trump is out of town.

  6. radman414 // May 23, 2017 at 9:17 am // Reply

    Let’s hope that in the interim (until they can be officially fired), these staffers are relieved of their duties and denied access to any classified information.

    • To the degree that they can, they need to at a minimum receive the Comey treatment, radman414, I agree they should be held in jail pending their arraignment, like you’d do with a drunk driver or shoplifter. This is a little more serious. Would a suspected rapist get to go home?

      • I agree, Rick, arrest them, charge them and jail them with the same type of friendly folks that the Dems and Hillary arranged for Dinesh D’Souza (convicted of donating too much money to a political candidate, but jailed with hardened criminals). I wonder how long that these leakers would remain loyal to their “handlers” if Big Bubba was their cellmate.

  7. Kelleigh Nelson // May 23, 2017 at 9:07 am // Reply

    If Trump had fired every appointee by former administrations, he wouldn’t have this problem…Of course, if these are his staffers, it will be a severe lesson for him regarding establishment globalists in the swamp.

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