White House Confirms Trey Gowdy “Certainly In The Mix” For FBI Director, Says Congressman

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Maria Bartiromo asks Congressman John Ratcliffe (R-TX) about a replacement for James Comey, saying, “Who do you want to see in the job, Congressman?” Ratcliffe replies, “Well, I know that the White House is being inundated with both solicited and unsolicited recommendations. You know, folks that have a background like me as former prosecutors, jurists, law enforcement officials, sheriffs, chiefs of police, I think there is one candidate that will ultimately rise head and shoulders above the rest of us and that would be Trey Gowdy.”

Bartiromo asks, “So you want to see Trey Gowdy in the job because he’s trusted, you think.” Ratcliffe replies, “Well, here’s what we need in an FBI Director, we need someone who’s familiar with the FBI and as a former federal prosecutor he certainly has that. We need someone who’s incredibly capable and skilled, and anyone that has watched Trey Gowdy question a witness on Capitol Hill or previously in his career knows that he has that in spades.”

Ratcliffe continues, saying, “We also know that the FBI Director needs to be someone for whom the moment is never too big.  And under the brightest lights and under the greatest scrutiny, Trey Gowdy has always performed admirably and inspired folks and, in fact, created envy from many folks.”

“But most importantly, Maria, right now,” says Ratcliffe, “we need an FBI Director who is fiercely independent and is guided by fairness and integrity, and those are pretty rare commodities in Washington DC. I will tell you that Trey Gowdy has more fairness and integrity and is more motivated by it than any person that I’ve met in Washington.”

He adds, “And when it comes to fierce independence, I think he may be the only Republican in Washington who has never met or spoken with Donald Trump. So I think he’s exactly the type of person who would inspire confidence both inside and outside the FBI and that’s exactly what we need as a nation right now.”

Bartiromo ask if Ratcliffe has spoken to Rep Gowdy about this, to which he replies that he hasn’t, that “He is not a person who would ever promote himself but I know that the White House has received many calls, from members of Congress like me and other people throughout Washington and Capitol Hill who would like to see Trey Gowdy, because there isn’t a better choice or one that would be more wildly popular with the American people.”

Ratcliffe says he was told by several folks within the White House “that they had received a number of calls on his behalf and that he was certainly in the mix.

The Gowdy related content starts at approximately the 4:40 mark in the video

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