Where’s The “American Jobs For American Workers” Crackdown From Sessions, Trump?

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An October report by the Center for Immigration Studies exposed the fact that the federal government was at that time aware of huge employers who employ large numbers of illegal aliens and do so without consequences, with virtually zero employer sanctions against their violations of immigration law.

One employs on average approximately 40,000 illegal aliens at any given time. Another company, described as large, has an estimated 98 percent of its employees who are not working legally in the US and was being allowed to do so. There’s been no outrage over mass raids, none of the marching in the streets with flags, no Democrats stepping all over each other to whine into a television camera, so it’s a safe bet no enforcement crackdown has been initiated under Attorney General Sessions and no raids conducted by DHS Secretary Kelly.

The violations were revealed in a report by the Social Security Administration’s Inspector General titled “Employers Who Report Wages with Significant Errors in the Employee Name and Social Security Number”.

In instances where the worker’s name and Social Security number on wage data do not match up with what is contained in the Social Security Administration’s database, the credits are set aside in an earnings suspense file, which means that no specific workers will be able to draw against them for benefits in the future. It’s a recognition by the Social Security Administration that the person is working illegally and they don’t want to base payments upon inflated earnings numbers.

The IG tested two groups of 100 employers each and found that for the years 2007 to 2009, 2.3 million “wage items,” which are an illegal employee working for one of the employers. Divided by three to get an annual figure, that’s roughly 800K illegal aliens working in just those 100 companies and their identities are known to the United States government. It’s no surprise nothing was done in the Obama years, but so far nothing has changed in the Trump months.

As with most of the injustices and abuses that are allowed to be inflicted upon the American workers, there are already laws on the books to deal with the problem, in fact, under the Obama regime, on August 1st of 2016, the penalties were actually increased.

Fox News reported “The minimum penalty imposed by the DOJ for the unlawful employment of immigrants would rise from $375 to $539, while the maximum fine would go from $3,200 to $4,313. The changes stemmed from amendments in a 2015 budget bill that overhauled the formula for increasing such civil penalties. Violators facing multiple charges also would be subject to a new maximum penalty of $21,563 for hiring illegal immigrants.” If an employer knowingly hires ten or more illegals in one year they could be considered to be harboring them and subject to a ten year federal prison sentence. RICO exposure also exists for the larger companies, such as the scofflaws referenced in the beginning.

So why, given the promises of the Presidential campaign and his knowledge of the wishes of the American workers who supported and advocated on behalf of President Trump, putting him into office,  have we not seen any marches of illegals in the streets denouncing having been fired for identity fraud by an employer facing fines and potential jail time? Why has the ACLU not been filing harassment lawsuits on behalf of the employers in attempts to intimidate the administration into stopping their enforcement practices. Apparently it has been “no problema,” business as usual.

The Washington Times reported in June of 2015 ” Through the first five months of this fiscal year, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement conducted just 181 workplace audits and brought charges against only 27 employers, putting it on pace for fewer than 500 audits and just 65 arrests this year. That’s less than 15 percent of the total audits conducted in 2013.”

Current census figures indicate there are 6,730,942 employers in the United States, putting the effective risk of being charged at one in 250,000. There are many who consider those minimal risks to be worth taking.

It would be a simple matter of auditing those two big offenders and perhaps eight other smaller, regional violators and imposing the maximum penalties while simultaneously announcing an enforcement-centric policy to stimulate the hiring of American workers. Offering those offenders amnesty and a limited grace period in which to effect a transition to American workers would be a boon to Americans and solve much of the problem of deportation at the same time. Many illegals would self-deport if they don’t have an employer as an accomplice in stealing American jobs. The tight housing market and associated high rental costs as well as other systemic overloads such as congestion on our roadways and social program abuse would also be greatly eased by their mass exodus.

America first sounded great on the campaign trail, President Trump; we’d like to see more than token lip service evidence of it in our daily lives. This would be an easy way to get the ball rolling, one that simply involves the “law and order President” enforcing the existing laws, as he promised American workers he would.


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