Wheeler Lists Clinton Podesta Shady Russia Deals, None For Trump – Yet It’s Him Under Investigation?

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Liz Wheeler of OAN News leads us on a short walk down a sort of foggy memory lane, somewhere in Russia. She asks, “Remember that time Donald Trump was business partners with the Russian government, when Trump’s company received $35 million from Russia, from a government investment fund called Rusnano that was personally started by Vladimir Putin and has been called Putin’s child? Wheeler catches her mistake, realizing that it was Clinton campaign chairman and former Obama top “adviser,” John Podesta who was in bed with the Russians.

She then asks if we remember that time Donald Trump was paid an exorbitant $500,000 to give a speech in Moscow, paid for by a company called Renaissance Capital, a company tied to none other than Russian intelligence agencies.” Once again she has to issue a correction, “That was Bill Clinton, not Donald Trump,” she says.

Wheeler asks if we “Remember that time Donald Trump approved the sale of twenty percent of US uranium to the Russians while he was Secretary of State?” Once again she’s gotten the event right but assigned it to the wrong person. That was Hillary Clinton.

She asks if we remember the time that Donald Trump lied and said he wasn’t part of approving that deal that gave the Russians one fifth of our uranium, and then his emails were leaked and showed he actually was lying and did know about it? Oh no, wait, wait – that was Hillary Clinton and John Podesta.”

Maybe Wheeler can get the next one right, asking if we “remember that time Donald Trump coincidentally scored $145 million from shareholders in that same uranium company that was sold to the Russians?” She stands corrected yet again, that was Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

Wheeler wonders if we might “remember that time Donald Trump accepted millions of dollars in donations from Russian oligarchs? Like the chairman of a company that’s part of Russia’s nuclear research cluster, or the wife of the mayor of Moscow or a close buddy of Vladimir Putin?” She’s wrong again, that was the Clinton Foundation.

Wheeler asks if we “Remember that time Trump failed to disclose all of these Russian donors to his foundation before he served as Secretary of State and we only found out about the Russian donors because some hard working journalist [Peter Schweizer] combed through Canadian tax records, of all places, to find that evidence. Oh no, wait, that was Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.”

Recovering from her temporary afflictions of forgetfulness, Wheeler says, “Make no mistake, we have evidence of inappropriate dealings with Russia, but none of the evidence points to Donald Trump. It all points directly to John Podesta, Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.” She remarks how it’s “funny the mainstream media and Democrats don’t seem to care about that.”


H/T David Welden

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