WH Press Corps – Deranged Liberal Idiocy Crosses The Red Line – Fresh Brains Needed

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Okay, enough of the phony baloney “talk around words” and politically correct gotcha posturing of the White House Press corps. Some of these people are clearly permanently detached from reality and as such need to permanently removed from those seats. The level of inane stupidity among the fake news press professionals is really breathtaking.

The first to question Sarah Huckabee Sanders asks a question about the “undocumented” adults enrolled as fourteen-year-olds in the Rockville, MD school, who had sex with her in a school restroom. Excuse us, lady, but that 17 and 18 year old have documents, they were provided when they were born in Mexico or whatever third world toilet they’re squatting from. They are in a country where those documents are of no value, but they’re no more undocumented that you would be, reporter girl, if you smuggled yourself into Canada. You would still have papers regardless of whether you chose to carry them.

Now that that’s hopefully through the concrete and lead that line your skull, it’s not okay to have sex in a high school restroom either. That kind of thing, regardless whether the young “lady” was voluntarily going for a threesome or not, should, at a minimum, carry at least as much of a penalty has brandishing a Pop- Tart eaten into the shape of a pistol. They should all be expelled and those two misfits sent back where they belong, back to where their documents magically have value once again.

She asks, “Did this White House unfairly jump to conclusions in this case? The answer is no. They’re lucky to be out of prison, they still had sex with a fourteen year old minor, which in many states, at least for the 18-year-old is still statutory rape. That was a public restroom with other students in close proximity. It’s not like nothing improper and illegal was going on. It’s probably an unusual question to refer to a liberal, but aren’t there decency and exposure laws in Maryland that were violated as well? Would it make you feel better if they were charged with another state or federal crime and deported?

The next hand-wringing press libtard asks if she’s talked to Sean and if he has any regrets about what was said. Sanders says she’ll ask him that [stupid and ridiculous] question when she talks to him. Another lame propagandist pops up with his flash of brilliance, asking, “On that question, is there a general danger that the White House, through its rhetoric, is animating too many people to jump to conclusions against immigrants and in the process diminishing the entire immigrant community, whether law-abiding or not?

Maybe there’s a general danger that this press idiot won’t find his way back to his car or be able to feed himself at dinner time or remember how to zip up his fly. They’re not immigrants, moron, first of all. They’re squatting here illegally and being tolerated for some unknown reason thus far by this law and order administration and the entire liberal machinery that’s pushing them towards equal status with, or even preferred status over American citizens. Hopefully that will be changing soon and the promise of sending them back where they belong will be kept.

There is only one true immigrant community and that is those who are here legally, with papers. They are diminished by idiots such as yourself, newsboy, and the rest of the libtard community who grant equal status to border crashers that they do to those who have gone through the proper channels and are legitimate immigrants.

Liberals really are beyond hope and beyond help. Their brains just don’t function as intended.

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  1. John Burgos // May 8, 2017 at 7:59 am // Reply

    They should stop these ridiculous White house briefing already.
    These FAKE NEWS LIBTARDS will print anything to bring TRUMP and AMERICA DOWN!!!

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