Wells – Democrats, Globalists Have Started 2nd Civil War – Flynn 1st Official Casualty

flynn rick wells


I can’t take it any more of this. I’ve been keeping kind of a low profile lately, sticking to the writing and not making any videos because there hasn’t been anything that really got me riled up enough to motivate me to get the camera out and try to balance the volume again. Trump was in office and although there was peripheral noise and what appeared to be the usual political infighting on steroids, it was still somewhat normal in appearance. One letter from General Mike Flynn changed everything.

With General Flynn’s resignation the reality that we and the United States are finally under an active state of attack, from the enemy within, just as we expected it would come. The globalist establishment, which under Obama compounded the damage done by his predecessors Bush and Clinton, is now fully engaged in a hot war against our President and thus, against the American people and our Constitutional republic as well.

As I detail my perspective on what is going on in the video, the room for the benefit of the doubt no longer exists, only a self-deluding fool or a disinterested future slave and victim could miss the writing on this wall.

Schumer, Pelosi, Soros and still, from the stench-laden shadows, Obama, as well as their globalist partners and sellout RINO Republicans are taking the offensive. The civil war is now underway. General Flynn was the first casualty. We can either choose to fight or to allow ourselves to be conquered. The decision of whether or not to go to war has been taken out of our hands, that time has passed.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it worthwhile. I apologize for the volume being a bit low, that was something I’m trying to get a better feel for but once you turn it up I think everything can be heard okay. Just don’t forget to turn the volume down when it’s done.

We’re in this fight together. Our nation, our children, and our futures are depending on us.

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