Wells – Democrats, Globalists Have Started 2nd Civil War – Flynn 1st Official Casualty

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I can’t take it any more of this. I’ve been keeping kind of a low profile lately, sticking to the writing and not making any videos because there hasn’t been anything that really got me riled up enough to motivate me to get the camera out and try to balance the volume again. Trump was in office and although there was peripheral noise and what appeared to be the usual political infighting on steroids, it was still somewhat normal in appearance. One letter from General Mike Flynn changed everything.

With General Flynn’s resignation the reality that we and the United States are finally under an active state of attack, from the enemy within, just as we expected it would come. The globalist establishment, which under Obama compounded the damage done by his predecessors Bush and Clinton, is now fully engaged in a hot war against our President and thus, against the American people and our Constitutional republic as well.

As I detail my perspective on what is going on in the video, the room for the benefit of the doubt no longer exists, only a self-deluding fool or a disinterested future slave and victim could miss the writing on this wall.

Schumer, Pelosi, Soros and still, from the stench-laden shadows, Obama, as well as their globalist partners and sellout RINO Republicans are taking the offensive. The civil war is now underway. General Flynn was the first casualty. We can either choose to fight or to allow ourselves to be conquered. The decision of whether or not to go to war has been taken out of our hands, that time has passed.

I hope you enjoy the video and find it worthwhile. I apologize for the volume being a bit low, that was something I’m trying to get a better feel for but once you turn it up I think everything can be heard okay. Just don’t forget to turn the volume down when it’s done.

We’re in this fight together. Our nation, our children, and our futures are depending on us.

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9 Comments on Wells – Democrats, Globalists Have Started 2nd Civil War – Flynn 1st Official Casualty

  1. The little bit I was able to hear seemed spot on. We are in the fight of our lives and the 2016 win was the first step. They, the establishment, including the GOP, are trying to destroy Trump and he better be aware. If they should ever be able to bring impeachment hearings against Trump, the Dems have the GOP to push it through.

  2. I had no problem hearing you Rick. The war is on and I would like to know what I can do to help us win. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Rick! How R U? I have no Volume on your video! Have not 2 great of volume on this tablet I use, but getting nothing. Just so u know, share your articles quite often, even though might not pipe in. Find myself on twitter most days & cannot keep up with this ever ending liberal Lunatics! I am burned out & days get quite discouraged. We have waited long enough for Justice. I wonder at time if we are to far gone, Trump has took on a battle (trying 2 do it nice & by the book) which he cannot win. My God, between the 9th Circuit Liberal Robes and them Overstepping our President, then Flynn! Obama Traitor Criminal running a Shadow Government? WTF? Are we still living under the Globalist No law! Seems that way lately, and believe me, I am supporting Trump fighting with everything.Hell, he still does not have a full Cabinet! We have traitor Rinos still fighting Trump! This is not good, & to allow this shit to Continue makes him seem powerless. IMO: He needs to take off the gloves, Implement Law, go by the Constitution, period! He should have came out Publicly on his BAN and stated it STOOD. Impeach those Robes. Either way if he is afraid of Civil unrest,we are already there! If war breaks out he can call Marshall Law. Waiting and letting the Left gain traction, plotting is worse. All the shit Obama did, HRC, DOJ,KERRY, MCCAIN,LYNCH,Untouchable. And there still at it! Is Trump just waiting on the executive order, rejection 2 fight these Criminals over it? He was Clearly within the law. Left screams Raciest saying it was a Muslim Ban. Which it was not, but he has the right to do that if he wants. Which I thunk he should! On top of a Indefinite Ban until he figures who the Hell is in our Country. He just Should have gone over those judges just like I think he should not of let Flynn go! Heck, Flynn has a honorable record, of loyalty, trust, integrity. Trust issue, sounded like a very honest mistake. Calls were not in question, but what he told Pence. If they were Common type calls and to many top leaders, sounds to me he did not remember word for word, because there was NO Importance to them. This was Trumps Chance to stay on step ahead of them on the issue of the wire tapping! Hello? Instead he gave the rats the media a whole RUSSIA SPIN on this by letting Flynn go! Unless he has something big time up his sleeve he better realize are Enemy’s R Within and they are EVIL,RUTHLESS CRIMINALS! We are at war hanging in the balance by a thread. Maybe his speech when he Won regarding HRC Should have been a clue he is to nice and forgiven. He Certainly has the Business sense with Created Jobs but this wont matter with people here to chop off our Heads while he is in and out of Court with every Liberal Suing him! Executive order to BAN SHARIA LAW! Why has he not done this? That would start to close down many of the Muslims Orgs and there Agenda! Nite Rick, tired and feed up.

    • we’re all fed up, but these damn progressive zombies just keep coming – glad to hear you’re doing well otherwise, keep fighting

  4. James H. Swor // February 15, 2017 at 12:37 pm // Reply

    Sorry Rick, just cant hear it, even with the volume all the way up…

    • thanks for letting me know, James, I’ll give it another go tomorrow or in a few days, gotta track down the problem. appreciate the info.

  5. Rick, I like the fact that you are speaking in your videos now, I hope you continue to do them this way. Yes, the sound was a bit low but I’m sure you will get it right in time.

    • Thanks for the feedback siciliangal, I’ve got the second half of that one that the sound was higher on, think I’ve got a bad cable or jack, anyway, might try to put that one out tomorrow, as fast as this news goes by, it might not be relevant any longer by then. Thanks for your opinion and for watching/reading.

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