Weinstein High-Tails It Out of the US, Hiding Out In Foreign “Rehab” Center

harvey weinstein

What do you do if you’re a rich and powerful film producer and movie studio executive who happens to also be a sexual predator and probable rapist and things are getting a little too hot in your Los Angeles kitchen?

What do you do when the potential for criminal prosecution starts to be a little too great for comfort? Do you stick around like the commoners would, waiting for investigators to get their hooks into you and take your passport?

Probably not. And while you’re escaping to the relative safety of foreign shores, why not do it under the guise of seeking treatment for an addiction? Since they don’t have treatment centers for “rape addiction” or “forcing yourself upon unwilling women addiction,” a sex addiction clinic overseas is likely the best option.

Harvey Weinstein should be somewhere in the air, on his way to safety in that unnamed country. According to TMZ, Weinstein left via private jet Tuesday night for a rehab center somewhere in Europe. It’s likely the facility strongly resembles a mansion with a staff of hookers to keep him entertained as he hides out and allows the story to cool down. Rehab, the elite’s label for getting the heck out of Dodge while the getting’s good.

If he is in actuality even signed up anywhere it’s unlikely he’ll stick with the program. Weinstein has no desire to change  his ways, he just wants to avoid the consequences. Who knows, he may not really have traveled to Europe at all or only be making an appearance to throw off the pursuit before disappearing in South America, Central America or Asia.

The Chinese are building their own film industry and attempting to acquire large portions of Hollywood as well. Maybe he could get in on the ground floor in China and enjoy more creative freedom, including freedom to be a womanizing, groping, raping pig.

TMZ says it was the folks around Weinstein who convinced him that he needed to “leave immediately.” They report he’s supposedly going to enter a “live-in” facility “that will deal with both sex and other behavioral issues.” A live in facility offers the perfect cover and those “friends” were correct in recognizing the urgency of the situation.

They described Weinstein as “surprisingly calm, considering the PR nightmare engulfing him.” They quoted one source as saying, “He has his moments where there are bursts, but for the most part he’s pretty calm.”

Not willing to acknowledge the potential consequences publicly at this early stage, Weinstein reportedly “still believes he can get help, come back and make a fresh start.” Sure, that’s what he wants, without the getting help part or any associated prison time.

Keeping the hope alive for a dose of Clinton – Obama “justice,” a source close to Weinstein said, “He wants to come back with fresh, new ideas.” TMZ reported, he and his team are in settlement discussions with The Weinstein Co. and the idea of “him serving in some outside capacity is still on the table.”

Breaking rocks in the hot sun fits that bill.


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4 Comments on Weinstein High-Tails It Out of the US, Hiding Out In Foreign “Rehab” Center

  1. I did see it but it was so disgusting I decided not to put it on FB. I started to put it on my comment but decided not to do that.

  2. Did anyone see the video that was found on Jimmy the Un-sainted Kimmel? I could not post it on FB but it is out there from the ‘Daily Wire’. I am thrilled someone nailed this sicko disgusting rat.

  3. The reason they call it the “casting couch” is because, in “Tinsel Town”, this has been going on since the beginning. Spot on, the “rich and famous” always go to a fancy rehab, getting absolution for their “sins”. Harvey is probably ;laying by the pool, drinking champagne, and getting his daily massages.

    Most likely 9 out of 10 “women”and “its” get their spots by playing the same game they do in DC. They never get prosecuted because they are “rich and powerful”. Someone served this pig up on a platter, for gain, and the slimy hypocrites crawl out and try to white wash themselves.

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