Weak White House Excuses Leave No Doubt – UN Vote A Shot At Israel

ben rhodes excuses israel


Ben Rhodes is asked if the reason the UN vote was allowed to proceed in the manner that it did was to give Hussein Obama another shot at Prime Minister Netanyahu as he headed for the exit. The fact that the question is being asked on CNN goes a long ways towards answering it, but Rhodes is out there to deliver the official excuses, which he does.

He says, “Absolutely not, Jim. The fact of the matter is bi-partisan policy of the US government for decades has been to oppose settlements. The reason we took this step is because for years we’ve seen an acceleration in the growth of these settlements. And frankly, if these current trends continue, the two state solution is going to be impossible.” So it was intended to criminalize the settlements, Rhodes is saying, an act hostile to Israel, engaged in by a lame duck pretend ‘president.’

He goes on to say America did it for their own good, saying, “The peace that people say that they want, that we badly want for the people of Israel, a secure Israel living side by side with a Palestinian State, that goal will become impossible under the current trends.” So it was Obama’s hope to save the Israelis from themselves, that prompted this betrayal.

Acosta asked why didn’t they work behind the scenes rather than creating such a public spectacle. Rhodes pretends it’s beyond the reach of the White House to effect it, saying, “Contrary to what’s been said, this was not a US resolution. We did not draft it, we did not put it forward,” and none of that is relevant to the question. They’re dodges to avoid answering the question.

He then falls upon the failures of “years and years where we’ve tried the peace process” and that they can’t leave with “in good conscience” with actions on the ground that make a two state solution impossible.” Again, an admission it was a shot at Netanyahu, to force him into compliance with the views of Obama and his pro-Islamic policies.

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  1. DITTO !!!!

  2. Not a US decision ? oh yeah? I hope it’s the death knell for the UN/.

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