Watters – Don Jr Did Nothing Wrong – Re-Open Clinton Case, Tomorrow

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Greg Gutfeld points out that all Donald Trump Jr. did was exactly what the media’s been doing for the last six months. “He was promised dirt on collusion between Hillary and Russia so he just went out to check it out, which is what the press has been doing with Trump.”  [VIDEO BELOW]

He continues, “The only difference is, he saw that it was bogus and he checked out pretty early. Meanwhile the networks are continuing to feed off of this road kill forever.” “And they’re doing the ‘Russia Ah ha’ again,” adds Kimberly Guilfoyle. 

Jesse Watters points out that the meeting “was set up by this Democrat firm [Fusion GPS] that was connected to the fake Trump Russian dossier so that could be a setup, we don’t even know that.  Also Jared and Paul Manafort, the campaign manager at the time, did volunteer this contact when they were asked about it by investigators. It didn’t come out randomly, it was volunteered.”

He says, “And I’ll tell you some other things. You know what else is a little more sketchy than I think than this? Hillary accepting and soliciting million dollar checks from Saudi tycoons and Bill Clinton being paid a half a million dollars by the Kremlin bank at the same time Hillary’s State Department is allowing uranium deposits to be pushed over to the Russians.”

“Or how about John Podesta,” he says, “Hillary campaign manager, sitting on the same board as a bunch of other Putin friends, taking in millions of dollars of Russian investment into that company, and not disclosing that either.”

Watters asks, “What about the DNC server? That still has not been turned over to federal investigators. We’re supposed to believe it was hacked by the Russians. Okay, prove it. Claire McCaskill, comrade Claire, they call her now, because she said she never met with the Russian Ambassador. It turns out she had dinner at his house, called him on the phone and donated to his charity.”

“So I think we need to pump the brakes a little bit on this story,” says Watters, “and if it gets too hot I’d reopen the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and I’d do it tomorrow.” Guilfoyle does what she clearly doesn’t want to do, asking the token libtard Juan Williams, “Where’s the crime or the inappropriate contact?”

Williams makes a rare good point in that this leak came from inside the White House. We were promised the heads of three leakers when President Trump returned from his first foreign trip. They never came.

Now we’ve got three leakers again from inside his team. Maybe now that they’ve dragged his family into this he’ll take the necessary actions and prosecute those responsible, particularly if it is the same guilty parties, but regardless.

Guilfoyle points out that everybody in America who has been paying attention has heard about the Clinton corruption and criminal activity. When someone tells you they’ve got information on her sleazy deals, it’s natural for Don Jr or anyone else to believe that there is a strong possibility they’re telling the truth. Don Jr. knows as do the rest of us, Clinton’s notorious for a reason.

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  1. Deplorable Doctor // July 11, 2017 at 7:27 pm // Reply

    Juan Williams = Affirmative Action, PERIOD!

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