Waters, Reid Impeachment Agenda Driven Road Show – Not News, Hateful Idiocy

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It’s gotten to the point, as is demonstrated in this video clip, that the potential racial component of the non-stop attack on Donald Trump by Maxine Waters and her comrade Joy Reid needs to be addressed. It’s evident in Reid’s eyes as she exudes hate for Donald Trump. He’s done nothing to her personally or to Rep Waters. He’s committed no crimes. All President Trump did was defeat their BLM promoting, anti-white people, white-privilege alleging, black-power agenda enabling, race-baiting candidate of choice. For that “sin” they’re coming after him. It is they, the hate-driven Reid and Waters, who have on them the stench of racism.

The purpose of the segment is to call for the impeachment, without any basis in a “high crimes or misdemeanors,” as is required by the Constitution, of President Trump. In pushing for a more aggressive posture towards stealing the White House away from President Cracker, Reid repeats the absurd claim of her guest, one of the many idiot politicians from California,  saying, “this President has put himself in a position where impeachment is on the table.”

Really, fake news slug, based upon what? The wild accusations of your fellow racist Maxine Waters? Exactly what did President Trump do to put impeachment “on the table,” other than take the oath of office and be a target for Obama / Clinton / Soros fabrications that haven’t a shred of evidence to support them?

The two apparent black supremacists, who exhibited their nature by throwing down the race card down in their first breath in defense of Hussein Obama, aren’t restrained by the requirements laid out in the Constitution for impeachment. After all, the Constitution is treated as irrelevant by the political streetwalkers in DC and their propagandists in the media. If it were respected, Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton would be behind bars as they speak. Lacking sufficient familiarity with the Constitution or the mental capacity to understand it, Waters does what she always does, spews her illiterate hateful utterings non-stop through that gaping facial sinkhole of hers. The only substantiation that is needed, if her fellow Democrat comrades would only listen, is Waters’ opinion, or as she repeatedly tells the Trump-hating attack pig Reid, what “she knows.”

With hatred for the white President exuding from her every pore and a smug self-satisfied sneer to match, Reid asks a typical stupid question. Being smarter than Waters in no way certifies her as an Einstein. Noting that the Democrats have been reluctant to call for the impeachment of the President, tubby asks, “Why do you suppose that is?”

The real reason is that impeachment must be based upon a crime and not only has President Trump not been charged with a crime, no evidence of a possible crime even exists. Waters is basically just full of a mixture of hot air and crap, similar to methane, though with a less pleasant fragrance and just as explosive. Instead of a substantive discussion of the facts and reality, the time on national television is spent in the babblings of a complete blithering idiot, a mouthpiece for the shadow government of George Soros, Hussein Obama and the political elite. She’s got the green light and the assignment to do whatever it takes, make whatever wild and idiotic claims she likes, in order to diminish President Trump and move the tone of the conversation, or in her case the lunatic ravings, in the direction of impeachment or discrediting.

She tells us seven different times what “she thinks,” in one form or another, as well as multiple instances of repeating the word “collusion.” She closes by asking “what more do we need?” How about proof of a high crime or misdemeanor, you illiterate embarrassment to Congress and the ignorant mental midgets of Los Angeles who elected you? Nowhere in the Constitution does it mention “what Maxine Waters says she knows” as grounds for impeachment.

Take the time to read it, maybe take a course online, or just read a book. Shut your hole long enough to educate your idiot self.

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3 Comments on Waters, Reid Impeachment Agenda Driven Road Show – Not News, Hateful Idiocy

  1. Eldon Andersen // May 30, 2017 at 2:45 am // Reply

    Go stuff it you stupid Democrates!!!!’

  2. radman414 // May 29, 2017 at 8:14 pm // Reply

    Maxine Waters is a pathetic embarrassment to her race, her sex, and especially her party…because whenever she opens her mouth, she emphasizes not only her overwhelming ignorance, but also her feckless bigotry and hate-filled bias towards Donald Trump. Even MSNBC “should” be embarrassed for giving her a platform to spew her inane, vitriolic rhetoric and meritless accusations; but, unfortunately, this network and some others in the MSM are the ones who are actually guilty of “collusion” in the leftists’ efforts to destroy this presidency by any means.

  3. TONYA PARNELL // May 29, 2017 at 4:04 pm // Reply

    No more Communist/Socialist & Mud slime Dem o rats

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