Waters Interrupts Mnuchin As He Frustrates, Twists Her Like A Wet Dishrag

maxine waters

Maxine Waters went up against Treasury Secretary Mnuchin on Thursday, part of which was an obvious fishing trip that brought her no results. It’s seems the rest of it was just an opportunity to be mean and nasty towards one of those “evil Trumps” designed to make her feel good and draw attention to herself.

She first asks about a response to a letter sent out on May 23rd and why she hasn’t gotten a response. Without saying it’s because it was on her letterhead, with her signature at the bottom of it, Mnuchin goes on to frustrate the loud mouth from Los Angeles, first by complimenting her on what a great job she’s done as a Congresswoman from his state.

That obviously insincere wasting of her time starts the conversation down a path that must have had Waters boiling inside. She reclaims her time by talking over him and he forces her to by ignoring her many attempts to interrupt him, with the chairman having to intervene.

Waters thanks Mnuchin for his “compliments about how great I am, but I don’t want to waste my time on me.” She asks again, “I want to know about my May 23rd letter. You know about it, why did you not respond to me and my colleagues?

Mnuchin appeals to the chairman for some protection and civility, as per his understanding of the rules. Waters raises her voice, and condescendingly tells the Treasury Secretary, “What he failed to tell you was, when you’re on my time I can reclaim it.”

He goes on to tell her that the Dept of Treasury has cooperated extensively with the Senate Intelligence Committee, with the House Intelligence Committee, with the Senate Judiciary Committee… After an intervention again by the chairman in response to Waters’ obnoxiously repeating “reclaiming my time” as if she were at a Black Lives Matter rally or chanting “impeach 45” at one of her own idiotic racist and anti-American rallies.

Mnuchin tells Waters that they spoke with her chief oversight counsel yesterday and that they have been responsive, attempting to coordinate with her. He suggests that she get the information from the other committees, which takes the “making Trump jump through hoops in recognition of her greatness” component out, so that’s not going to be acceptable.

She then disputes whether he in fact contacted the counsel or just left a message, making certain that she gets the last word on the matter. She then conducts her fishing trip and is again, frustrated by her intellectual superior who recognizes her clumsy attempts from the outset.

She asks about the sale of assets owned by Americans, such as Anthony Scaramucci to foreign governments. While refusing to answer that specific question or even to acknowledge the situation existed, it would have been a perfect time to raise, by way of an example of a situation that he would never approve, the sale of an actual US Government asset, 20% of our uranium conducted by Hillary Clinton in exchange for bribes. Maybe next time, he had a lot going on.


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12 Comments on Waters Interrupts Mnuchin As He Frustrates, Twists Her Like A Wet Dishrag

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // July 30, 2017 at 8:32 pm // Reply

    No Kidding! Even her Dem pals have shut her up a time or two because she’s so stupid. Everything she utters is garbage.

  2. If this does not prove how holier than thou’ this Racist hypocritical woman is, and the only reason she is even in office, then I just do not have any hope for our society. REALLY, what in the world is wrong with congress that they can’t evict her from her post. I mean House Intel Committee, give me a break…..

  3. I know, Pat. Despite all of the leftists’ fervent denials of substantial voter fraud, it doesn’t take much fraud to win in close races like Franken’s; and look at the number of states who are now snubbing our president by refusing to update their voter rolls to remove the dead and the ineligible. Send in the feds!

    (As an election judge, I was privy to the results of a computer problem that permitted at least 17 illegal cases of voting twice in my Democrat-dominated county.)

    We must keep up the fight for election integrity for a very important reason: “A democracy will continue to exist until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.” Alexander Tytler, circa 1787? Since there is a very large voting block that currently receives some type of welfare assistance…and they wish to continue doing so at the expense of the 51-52% who actually pay federal income taxes, Mr. Tytler’s prediction has become reality! [I know that we are not a pure democracy, but a constitutional republic, but Tytler’s warning still applies.)

  4. I have to agree with Waters on this. This guys just refused to answer the question. He’s a fuckin’ moron, which is hard to do in the presence of Maxine.

    • Fee, fie, foe, “hole,” I sense the words of a leftist troll. To refer to Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin as an ‘effin’ moron” is to ‘out’ yourself as far worse; and Rick should just ban you from his site for vulgarity, if not stupidity.

      Fee, fie, foe, mole, I sense the words of a leftist troll! To conclude, based on his testimony, that the Secretary of the Treasury is an “‘effing’ moron” outs you a vulgar

      • Kelleigh Nelson // July 29, 2017 at 9:25 am // Reply

        I agree Radman…fully. In fact, I really like Mnuchin! I could go on about bank accounts he’s saved for average Americans, and then how many great movies I’ve watched that have his name on them as producer…yep, good choice by our prez…this guy knows money

  5. TONYA PARNELL // July 28, 2017 at 4:58 pm // Reply


  6. What a witch and dumb also! I wish he would have just stared her down and never answered her! Why waste a word on ignorance!

    she is committing SEDITION, AND SUBVERSION.

  8. Where does she get this stuff she’s making up? Oh yeah, making it up, lol. Mnuchin handled it well. Double-talk on the part of Waters requires double-talk as a response.

    Hey, Radman, Al Franken somehow came up with extra votes that were “found” in someone’s trunk or something, and thus got the position. And he’s about the worst person for the job. Most conservative Minnesotans know he was mishandling votes. As for Ellis, I have no idea how he got in.

  9. Maxine has become the biggest joke on the Hill, edging out Nancy for “Wacky Libtard of the Month.” (The second runner-up was Al Franken; and the Clown Prince of Disingenuous Rhetoric goes to Chucky Schumer). But back to someone who genuinely needs a professional assessment of their mental capacity: Rep. Waters and her babbling diatribes have made her an embarrassment to the House, her Party, her race and even her sex. #SoSad

  10. Kelleigh Nelson // July 28, 2017 at 10:43 am // Reply

    I want to know why none of the Trump people have talked about that 20% of uranium, how much the Clinton Foundation received because of it, and the half mil ole Billy boy got for his Russia speech. Why is it they don’t bring it up over and over again? Surely we’ve heard about Russia and the election every day since Nov. 8, 2016, so why aren’t we hearing this Uranium info every day?

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