Waters Declares – She Can’t Trust Trump Meeting Putin Without Leakers

maxine waters

To say something is the most hypocritical statement to come out of the foul gaping hole on the front of Maxine Waters’ head is quite a statement, but even for her the absurdity of her first comment is remarkable.

In a discussion on MSNBC with the unisex talking head, “Chris,” she’s asked about the idea that came out of the meeting between Presidents Trump and Putin in the G20 about a working group to explore election interference and cybersecurity. Of course she rejects any Trump accomplishment, but it is the way that she puts this one down that is amazing.

Waters says, “I hope that the American people won’t fall for that kind of you know, putting together of some kind of commission to deal with, you know, hacking.” This is one of the chief and most vocal of the spokessnakes for the Democrats who has been clamoring for a commission to investigate the supposed Russian collusion matter.

They just recently got their Special Counsel, effectively a commission composed of one political hanging judge and his fourteen investigators/executioners with which to perpetrate their coup. Now she doesn’t want the American people to fall for what they just fell for when it benefited the anti-American Trump-haters?

Conspiracy theorist Waters says, “As a matter of fact, I think Americans should be very, very concerned that this President sat down with [President] Putin, who we [don’t] know hacked into our election system, to the DNC and to many of the states that are now coming forward with this information.”

Just a second, Waters, lock your jaw for a minute. What is this election system that the Russians hacked into? Where is it located, who controls and supervises it? What type of security measures are in place? What is it called? Is there one central location or multiple satellites? Does it operate year round? Are you having difficulty answering any of those questions because it doesn’t exist, because we’re a collection of county systems without central control? You must be lying.

The DNC is hiding something because they wouldn’t allow the FBI to look at their servers, so unless they want to file a criminal complaint, and provide the evidence, we’ll assume no crime took place, so shut up about this as well.

As for those states that are starting to come forward, please provide names and the nature of their complaints. Unless you’re willing or able to do that, kindly reposition the manhole cover back in place above your chin.

She then complains that President Trump sat down with President Putin but didn’t have a real discussion. It went on for over two hours. Are we to believe they were just talking about Bill Clinton’s grandkids, the Clinton golf game and AG Lynch’s cankles?

There surely was plenty of substance, but she’s upset that there were no leakers included in the meeting, that she doesn’t get to know what went on between our President and Russia’s. That’s too bad, Waters, just imagine the worst, if that makes you happy.

This is one nasty woman who has an awfully unrealistically high opinion of her importance, her worth, and her intellect.


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6 Comments on Waters Declares – She Can’t Trust Trump Meeting Putin Without Leakers

  1. She’s as ugly as she is stupid. In fact, she was so ugly just after she was born, her mother said “What a treasure!” and her father said “Yes, let’s go bury it.

    I’ll bet her husband pays the voters in her district to vote for her every two years so she will continue to spend as much time as possible in DC. He can schedule business travel for himself when she’s home from DC. Poor man.

  2. All I heard from this “person” was blah, blah blah blah blah… All eyes HAVE BEEN AND WILL BE on the sanctions! Waters sure as hell loves to hear herself talk but she says nothing new. Waters keeps talking about the Russian collusion when all security forces say there is no proof. Shut your stupid mouth, Waters, unless you have proof of some wrong-doing involving Trump and Putin! Podesta will hang himself and, when he does, the rest of the Dems will follow… As far as unhinged, Posesta says, the entire Democratic party is unhinged!!

  3. Perfect review, loved it! That Biatch should have her mouth sewn shut before somebody punches it out. Wouldn’t hurt her looks any, either.

  4. radman414 // July 9, 2017 at 9:48 pm // Reply

    Maxine Waters is the epitome of disgrace to our nation, our Congress, her party, her sex and her race…ugly and nasty to her core.

  5. shirley roberts // July 9, 2017 at 9:06 pm // Reply

    No, no, no Maxine. Many states are coming forward showing that the DNC messed with our elections and if they check other years they will find Dems. have been doing it for many years, decades even.

  6. Amazingrace // July 9, 2017 at 8:30 pm // Reply

    Well, so who the hell thinks she’d get an invitation to meet with the President of Russia in the first place?.
    Didn’t her momma ever tell her that self praise stinks???? Just another fleabag, riding the wave of discontent~socialist progressive who needs to sign up for the Baker Act! Where DO these people get the notion that what they believe is important to anyone other than themselves!!!!

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