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How did the reporter asking actual journalistic questions of Maxine Waters end up on MSNBC and after this interview can he realistically expect to be around much longer? He leads off with a clip from January 13th in which the California Congresswoman is voicing her displeasure with Comey. Asked “Can you tell us anything about the discussion in the briefing,” Waters snarled a reply, “No, it’s classified and we can’t tell you anything. All I can tell you is the FBI Director has no credibility.” She then stormed away from the lectern.

The reporter says to Waters, “You obviously have been very critical of James Comey in the past, you said that he had no credibility, I assume that you support the President’s decision then, to fire his FBI Director.”

Suddenly her fake smile is nowhere to be seen as Waters replies sternly, “No, I do not, necessarily, support the President’s decision.” She then begins a long, contorted and unsuccessful attempt to paint herself as something other than the big mouth hypocrite that she is and to attempt to insert some semblance of logic into what is clearly her overtly political position.

Waters explains, “If the President had not gone all over the country praising him about the way he handled Hillary and the emails, if the President had not said he had confidence in him, if the President had not said he was a part of his team…”

“But Congresswoman,” he interrupts, I understand that in the past he was praising him but if you said that FBI Director James Comey had no credibility, wouldn’t you support the fact that the President, then-candidate Trump now President Trump, made the decision to get rid of him? “No, not necessarily,” replies the inconsistent Congresswoman, and let me tell you why.”

“You have an investigation going on where the President is implicated, and this is a serious investigation, blah, blah, blah, blah impeachment of this President.” He follows up the customary Waters rant asking, “To be clear, you believe it would have been better to keep in place an FBI Director who you said had no credibility to oversee this investigation, than to find someone who you think would be a better choice.”

The mindreading Californian replies, “No, but I believe the President thought that.” She follows her assertion with more of the same blather, to which the reporter responds, “But you said he had no credibility so it would seem to make sense the he should get rid of him.” She answered, “No, no, no, no; under investigation. This President has basically interfered with an investigation where he may be implicated.

If Republicans have found their courage then Democrats have lost much of their leverage

He sums up her arguments, saying, “The bottom line is you think an FBI Director without credibility would have been best served in this position to try to pursue this investigation.” Waters is close to losing control as she takes shelter in the “blame Trump” narrative, saying, “If the President had fired him when he first came in, he would not have to be in a position now where he’s trying to make up a story about why. It does not meet the smell test.” Of course he would have had to fight this same fight back then. Waters acts as if Democrats wouldn’t have challenged him in January in the same purely political manner just as they are now.

He asks if Hillary Clinton had won, should she have fired Comey. Waters answers, “Given what he did to her, and what he tried to do, she should have fired him, yes.” He replies, “So she should have fired him but he shouldn’t have fired him, this is why I’m confused.”

Waters tells him he isn’t confused and then demonstrates that she clearly is, in continuing her feeble attacks.

What’s really got her and the Dems upset is that President Trump and hopefully the rest of the Republicans [John McCain and his girlfriend excluded] aren’t going to play their stupid game anymore.  They’ve been accommodating the stall tactics and obstructionism, the false assertions, because they knew the Democrats would scream if they didn’t. Now they’ve figured out their bark is much worse than their bite and that dogs like Waters are never stop barking. Hopefully the GOP is done allowing themselves to be blackmailed in a manner not unlike the government shutdown threats.

Scream away Maxine, open that Chunnel on the front of your head and let ‘er rip. If this means Republicans have found their courage then the Democrats have lost much of their leverage. We know how poorly they handle losing. This could be a lot of fun to watch.

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4 Comments on Waters – Comey Needed To Be Fired By ANYONE BUT TRUMP – More Extreme Maxine

  1. I will never get “used” to Water’s ramblings. Comey needed to go, point blank. Who better to fire Comey than “his boss”? This whole Trump/Putin investigation was put in place strictly as a deflection attempt to take the heat off of the past administration’s “sins”. Waters and Pelosi are in the same classification in my book. Both of their goofy arsed things they say are “tatooed” on them BOTH, as Pelosi would say!

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // May 11, 2017 at 10:35 pm // Reply

    She is so damned stupid that even her own dem party has told her when to shut up…how stupid the electorate must be to elect this nut job.

  3. Deplorable Doctor // May 11, 2017 at 9:44 pm // Reply

    Maxine Waters is the Old Poster Woman who Represents Dumb People who just happened to be Colored!

  4. Freddie Arthur Hisle // May 11, 2017 at 8:12 pm // Reply

    Does that mouth ever close? I am going to have nightmares again; and have to look at myself in the mirror while I am self analyzing.

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