Watch RINO John McCain Path of Betrayal – Grim GOP, Jubilant Democrats

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John McCain is going out with a bang and unfortunately it wasn’t the sound of him putting himself and the rest of America out of his misery. Many Americans are optimistic that this will be the last we’ll see of him in the Senate. Whether it is or isn’t, he certainly made himself the center of attention as he once again reinforced his RINO credentials.

McCain seemingly went out of his way to drag things out, keeping the Senate, Vice-President Pence and President Trump hanging for over two hours, past midnight, doing whatever they could think of to bring him into the Republican fold he so willingly shuns. McCain didn’t disappoint his Democrat allies, he saved Obamacare.

He can now go to wherever he wants for his cancer treatment, as his non-Obamacare Senate Cadillac health care coverage allows him to do. He really did get to keep his doctor. He can bask reflectively at the irony of his betrayal, that what may be his last act before getting the best care on the planet was to stick Americans with what is arguably the worst, and a socialism bill to go along with it.

Democrats and RINOs will strong arm our tax dollars out of our pockets and into those of strangers we never even met to pay for their abortions and medical coverage, including for illegal aliens. We’ve got our own expenses for our own families and selves, and, as slaves to this criminal government, we’ll keep paying, including an inevitable unconstitutional bailout.

The video shows the drama as McCain walked into the Senate and stuffed the knives into Mitch McConnell and others. He stood and made certain everyone was looking at him before he gave his thumbs down, indicating his “no” vote.

Hopefully McCain will head back to Phoenix for his treatment and this will be the last vote he’ll ever make in the US Senate. At least he didn’t get out without showing to the world that once again President Trump was right. John McCain is no hero. Heroes don’t betray the citizens of their country and that’s all John McCain has ever done.


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