Watch Farkas Spying Admission Plus Democrat Plot To Force Trump On Taxes

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Evelyn Farkas, the libtard who admitted to working to undermine the incoming President, to spying on him and his staff and to committing what are likely seditious felonies in the process, is a longtime political tool, as was noted in the introduction by Mika Brzezinski. Farkas was also somehow involved in a WMD commission, though Mika’s mumbling made it difficult to ascertain the specifics. It doesn’t really matter, she’s a hopeless libtard who went too far and, enamored with the bright lights and Mika’s star power, spilled the beans on the entire illicit Obama Lynch Brennan operation. Every good Democrat scandal needs a name to identify it, how about the farkas fracas for this one?

The Democrats and their partners in crime at MSNBC were laying out their plans for the next unfounded attack on the President, the “maybe his taxes” scheme, since the maybe Russia scheme is taking them nowhere. Senator Stabenow (D-MI) offers up the innuendos, all the Democrats need to make demands of the President, after the scripted softball is served up by commie Mika. She details a plot by Democrats to persuade the Finance Committee in the Senate and Ways and Means in the House to order the review, supposedly private, although that’s a secret no Democrat could keep, with the option to then force the public release if they could pull it off.

Once again, the reason for the Democrat attack – Russia, the well that never runs dry for unsubstantiated pretexts. If they’re really that concerned with Russia, maybe AG Sessions will impanel a grand jury to investigate the business dealings of John Podesta, Clinton’s Campaign Chairman and Obama adviser, who was given $35 million by his Russian business partner, Vladimir Putin. Maybe they’ll look in to over $100 million that Clinton got as compensation for selling Russia our Uranium. Like Peter Schweizer, author of Clinton Cash said, why investigate fake Russian collusion with Trump when the real deal of Clinton Obama and Podesta is so ripe for the picking?

Commie Mika eventually gets back to Farkas, who unbelievably opens her big mouth in almost confession describing the domestic spying on the president and the sedition that she and many of her colleagues in the deep state were and likely still are engaged in.

It’s one thing to hear the audio, but watching her as she says what she does is stunning. Frakas clearly believes she’s above the law and that the President is somehow beneath her, that she’s in some way justified in doing what she and the others in her subversive clique were doing. The hypocrisy of these Democrat hacks is breathtaking. Hillary Clinton sold American uranium and secrets to Russia and was in the influence peddling business. There’s no evidence that Trump did anything improper, they simply want a sanctioned fishing expedition. It’s because of trash like Brzezinski and her RINO comrade Joe that they get away with their dishonest treachery.

Attorney General Sessions needs to impanel this and the many other needed grand juries right away. There’s a lot of criminals in DC to deal with, but that’s what happens when you’re draining the swamp. Please get started soon, Mr. Attorney General. This could take a while.

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8 Comments on Watch Farkas Spying Admission Plus Democrat Plot To Force Trump On Taxes

  1. Senator Stabintheback, Trump has been in office for 3 months, Obama was in office for 8 long, treasonous (in my opinion) years and he never stood up to Russia!! None of the investigations have shown collusion so why dig up bones that more than likely do not exist except in your little minds?! If you are so very worried about collusion, get an investigation going on Hillary and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s top adviser, who was also Obama’s adviser, who most assuredly had Russian connections because he was on 2 boards of Joule at the same time he was advising Obama and Clinton!!! You didn’t worry about the Russians for 8 years and NOW you appear to be sweating bullets???? POS’s like these two women make me sick! Also, if you knew there was spying on Trump during the campaign, why did you not come forward sooner? You are as stupid as Stabinthe back!

  2. These people? should be brought before a judge. I’m waiting!

  3. Larry/vietnamvet1971 // March 30, 2017 at 11:27 pm // Reply

    Every good Democrat scandal needs a name to identify it, how about the farkas fracas for this one?

    Good one Rick….boy the liberal DemonRats sure have a Nasty can of worms opened and crawling every where…they have LIED so much & for so Long they forget what the next LIE is to cover the previous.

    A whole lot of Juggling Lies going on….I know they are Clowns but some are Lying Jugglers under the Big Top Circus.

  4. Dr. Deplorable // March 30, 2017 at 9:06 pm // Reply

    Evelyn Farkas has proof where Hussein O’Vomit was born, but she’s keeping it a secret!

  5. ScarletRoseRed // March 30, 2017 at 8:55 pm // Reply

    Oroville, California

  6. ScarletRoseRed // March 30, 2017 at 8:54 pm // Reply

    Very long string of broadly-assorted news agencies say the same thing about Ryan-McConnell support of this and other Dim Policies…
    December 12, 2016, 12:55 PM CST

    Senate leader also opposes $1 trillion infrastructure stimulus
    Deficit hawks have warned Trump’s proposals would add to debt

    Businessmen who are in it for the sake of the business instead of “chances for graft” who you KNOW will spend infrastructure cash on necessary infrastructure – they do the work on infrastructure in order to support EXPANDED BUSINESS.
    The only reason politicians block essential and obviously-needed repairs in infrastructure is to block growth in business and jobs.

  7. ScarletRoseRed // March 30, 2017 at 8:38 pm // Reply

    DIM PLOT against Trump Tax Cuts?

    IN THE FOOTSTEPS of SONGBIRD McCAIN, 2001 against Geo W Bush Tax cut plan that was going swimmingly til McCain derailed it for McCain Feingold CAMPAIGN FINANCE trash?????

    TRULY DIM IN FACT – but DIABLO RINO Operatives sucking up to SOROS (who helped McCain fund the Campaign Finance public relations battle)

  8. Little bright eyed girls that suck too many lolly pops, talk as though they still have a lolly pop in their mouth as they age.

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