Warren Spoke Of Tolerance In Jidahist Mosque, Against “Trump Bigotry”

elizabeth warren


Radical Marxist globalist US Senator Elizabeth Warren and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh Men allowed themselves to be used as willing props in the advancement of the Islamic agenda in a gathering at the Islamic Society of Boston “cultural center” in Roxbury. There’s nothing like a little good old fashioned American culture to stir one’s spirits at Christmas time, except this was not American culture being celebrated. This was a celebration of the imposition of Islam and their culture and beliefs upon the American infidels.

The usual calls to stand together against the evil white devils and their intolerance were the fare of the day, marked by fabricated accounts of an increase in incivility. In actually there is a campaign to document and prosecute anything remotely resembling an incident by the DOJ in order to drive those numbers up. Even with that effort and a large influx of argumentative, demanding Islamists, the level of incidents are up only six percent. What a huge disappointment for the Obama regime and Loretta Lynch’s teams of taxpayer-funded lawyers that must be.

Warren, already campaigning for 2020, proclaimed, “We reaffirm the idea that … every American deserves a fighting chance to build a future for themselves and for their families.” By American she doesn’t mean white folks, and for those of non-white pigmentation, merely occupying space inside our border or being in the pipeline is as good as being a citizen.

Hypocrite Fauxcohontas Warren spoke of her own faith though not identifying the particular tribe or her medicine man. She stated that she believes there is something holy in every person. Tell us, Liz, what do you find holy about Donald Trump?

She then got into familiar, white republicans are racist territory, proclaiming, “Now is a time when we must be willing to say loud and clear there is no room for bigotry anywhere in the United States of America — none.” “An attack on one of us is an attack on all of us, and we will fight back against discrimination whenever and wherever it occurs.”

Great, Liz, about that white privilege, I didn’t get mine, can you hook a honky brotha up?

Of course the institution at which they were speaking is a hotbed of terrorist breeding and cultivation. That’s okay, as long as it’s carried out without bigotry, with all infidel crackers targeted equally.

The American Pastors Network’s Sam Rohrer provides some insight into just what is going on in the United States hijacked government and how this is not just a coincidental appearance by this leftist operative. The Obama regime has a large network of Islamists infiltrated throughout the United States government and just because we’re now, to a degree, ridding ourselves of his filthy hands, those appointments and hires will carry on as subversive Islamic plants.


Some of the more notorious aspects of the Islamic Society of Boston’s history can be viewed here.

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