Wallace, Graham – Trump Must Vilify, Denounce Whites – Ignore BLM, Commies, AntiFa Radicals

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The leftist snowball is rolling downhill, the piling on of disinformation from the CFR propaganda media is underway. In this instance Chris Wallace of Fox News is one of the liberal swarm using the incident in Charlottesville to vilify and undermine both the majority of Americans who support President Trump and the President himself.

It seems logical for Wallace to have selected a RINO to speak from inside the Republican Party while espousing leftist and establishment lies and recommendations based upon those lies. Wallace says, “Saturday thousands of people, including neo-Nazis and members of the Klan marching to quote “take America back.”

He inaccurately reports the situation from the outset, that the “Unite the Right” event, which he never called by name, had a permit for their gathering which was to have been held in “Emancipation Park” and that at the last minute, after Black Lives Matter, communist agitators and AntiFa thugs arrived, they were forced out onto the streets with a declaration of an “unlawful assembly.”

The leftist mayor and police created the violence, not the so-called “white supremacists” and it happened after they brought in black supremacists, commies and neo-Nazi AntiFa to attack them as their street thugs army.

Graham is obviously capitalizing on the event for personal prominence, contrasting the right’s affection for President Trump with their varying degrees of indifference to loathing for the effeminate SC Senator. He fails to make the distinction that everyone on the right dislikes Graham, not just those he chooses to label as “extremists.” Graham is also using his appearance to drive the anti-Trump, anti-sovereignty message of capitulation to the “diversity” importing, open borders, anti-Christianity Democrats and DC establishment.

Big Government suppressing the speech of white people is Graham’s idea of freedom

Graham says, “Well, it was an act of domestic terrorism and uh, the groups you just mentioned are hate-filled groups, they’re enemies of freedom. I’d like to see a task force through the Department of Justice and Homeland Security to look at the size and scope of these groups, report back to Congress to see if we need to do more in terms of suppressing them.”

Graham either doesn’t understand what happened or simply doesn’t care, but those supposed “enemies of freedom” whose rights to assembly he wants to assembly and speech he wants big brother to “investigate,” were countering hatred being exhibited against them. They are having their history scrubbed from American society in the interest of other Americans and non-Americans.

That, Mr. Graham, is what is an enemy of freedom and a democratic society. That is totalitarianism and ethnic cleansing against white Americans. The cowardly and complicit Graham would never think of telling the truth if it doesn’t fit the establishment narrative and talking points he’s been given.

Graham sides with fellow RINO, Corey Gardner of Colorado in saying President Trump missed an opportunity to really come down hard on these groups. Why should the President come down hard on them when they’ve done nothing other than attempt to exercise their protected speech? Just because liberals disagree?

He says he doesn’t understand why these groups see President Trump as a friend in the White House but they don’t see him as a friend in the Senate. It’s not hard to figure out, Graham. Trump is a fair man who uses the Constitution as his yard stick. You’re a political hack who obeys whatever commands George Soros and the political establishment give him. You’re not expected to understand.

Lefty enabler Wallace asks why President Trump said there’s violence “on many sides”

As they completely and utterly ignore the violence that was carried out by the leftists, the street marching AntiFa, BLM, communists and others, and ascribe everything to the conservatives, Wallace asks his comrade, “Why do you think the President said that, ‘on many sides,’ and never referred to white supremacists, never referred to neo-Nazis?

Graham sidesteps a bit, saying “The President can be clear when he wants to be, he needs to be clear here.” That translates loosely into he needs to surrender to the leftists as they attack the white people of America who are fighting the same leftist forces that he’s fighting. Abandon them and allow them and their history in building this nation to be purged from the landscape.

Hopefully President Trump recognizes that the enemy is the  same one he’s facing. It’s certainly on display everywhere this Sunday for him to see, spreading the same message of “right bad, antagonistic, violent leftist radicals good.”


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  2. When and where will the next “Unite the Right” gathering occur? I’d like to attend.

  3. Donald R Laster Jr // August 14, 2017 at 8:31 am // Reply

    And why should President Trump denounce people who are not doing anything wrong? It is BLM, AntiFA (think National Socialist SA), Communist, Marxist/Socialist (both National and International) who are engaging in the violence.

  4. Graham – effeminate Senator! I had another term in mind.

  5. OK AG Sessions, this is the time to investigate, call out, and stand up for equality, denounce the attacks, suppression, and the call to kill whites, with the reorganization of the civil rights division you mentioned a few weeks ago.

  6. Lefty Wallace is despicable .. he loves having NEVER-TRUMPers on his show. Faux Snooze will be getting rid of all their true conservatives and Trump supporters, since they’re now fully in the hands of the lefty Murdoch babies, who have close ties to the Clinton Foundation. They dig up the same unnamed women to lie about their only good hosts like Charles Payne and Eric Bolling. Faux is borderline unwatchable.

    • TONYA PARNELL // August 14, 2017 at 4:28 pm // Reply


  7. This is one of the best articles about the freedom we as Americans deserve under our Constitution that I’ve ever read. Think I’ll frame it. Thanks, Rick! We need more people who think and can write like you do.

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