Wallace Goes After Sekulow For Saying Trump Not Under Investigation

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Jay Sekulow, an attorney who represents President Trump, joined Chris Wallace for an interview in the matter of the witch hunt, be it labeled of the Russia boogeymen, an obstruction type or some other variant.

Wallace references a recent Trump tweet in which he wrote: “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt.” Wallace asks, “Has the special counsel, Robert Mueller, formally notified the President that he is under investigation?” That’s the same question that was asked and beaten to death by Chuck Todd on his Meet the Press program that same morning. As if President Trump has to be told that there is a leftist plot to drive him out of office for it to be true or for him to take defensive action in response?

Sekulow plays along with the gotcha game to a degree, responding to Wallace’s question with a statement of the facts, that “The President has not been notified by anyone that he’s under investigation, that tweet, Chris, was in response to the Washington Post story that alleged that five unnamed sources, anonymous sources, leaked to the Washington Post that the President was in fact under investigation. So that tweet was in response to that. There has been no notification of any investigation, nothing’s changed since James Comey said the President was not a target or a subject of an investigation, nothing’s changed.”

Wallace replies, “Well, but you don’t know that he isn’t under investigation now, do you?” Well no one’s notified us that he is, so I can’t read people’s minds but I can tell you this, we have not been notified that there is an investigation of the President of the United States. So nothing has changed in that regard since James Comey’s testimony.”

Wallace moves on to the Deputy Attorney General responsible for the special counsel existing and it being his good friend Robert Mueller. He asks, “Does the President think that Rod [Rodentstein] Rosenstein has done anything wrong?” Sekulow replies, “The President has never said anything about Rod Rosenstein doing anything wrong. He then proceeds to use the word investigated in describing the events, which Wallace jumps on as an admission or a mistake of some type by Sekulow. Sekulow maintains he used the word in the context of defining the situation, not literally, but Wallace won’t let it go.

He goes on to ask if the President believes either Rosenstein or Mueller have done anything wrong, which he has not made a statement in either case, and which the private conversations between he and the president regarding would fall under attorney client privilege.

Wallace asks if the President believes that Rosenstein should recuse himself and whether or not he is laying the ground work to fire Rosenstein and Mueller. Sekulow answers with a safe, “I have had no conversations and I’ve heard nothing about that at all.”  Wallace keeps grinding away, asking if he President believes he can be indicted under the Constitution.

Fox News was able to shed the albatross of Megyn Kelly, what’ll it take to get rid of this clown?

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