VMA Freak Leftist Trashes Trump, Indoctrinates Kids Into Good Little Globalist Comrades

freak show paris jackson

The brainwashing of millennials and the targeted generation that follows them, whatever their moniker ends up being, is an obvious, sad and pathetic exploitation of their naiveté and immaturity. Many would describe it as a premeditated act of criminal abuse, child abuse if the age criteria fit.

Adolescent teens and young adults don’t usually have the experience and wisdom to recognize when they’re being fed an excrement burger deluxe, diving right in and swallowing every offensive morsel. They’re being led by the trashiest of people, the type  that Michelle Obama might consider role model material, Beyonce type sluts and thugs of the type most loving parents work to protect their children from. On stupid television awards shows they’re presented as being worthy of emulation.

Paris Jackson, the sleazy skank daughter of dead pedophile Michael Jackson, has somehow found her way to addressing children and teens at what is called the VMA, the MTV Video Music Awards. This isn’t MTV in its original concept, the playing of videos. It’s lifestyle indoctrination and leftist communist grooming, the trashification of American kids and degradation of our culture and values.

Want to learn to speak like a Neanderthal, kids? – the left has that too

Do you kids want to speak like a Neanderthal? Is proper verb conjugation and pronoun usage the stuff Uncle Toms or those with too much “white privilege” are made of? Want your daughter to look like a human coloring book by the time she’s nineteen, covered from head to toe in tattoos? How about sticking metal through random body parts or dressing like she’s working the streets for her drug habit – it’s all glamorized at the VMA – but bring an interpreter, parents, and perhaps an exorcist.

It’s no wonder the next generation is as screwed up as they are in their leftist political thinking. They’re shown one half of an equation, the benefit half, and that half only. The other side of every equal sign is redacted or left blank. Nothing has a price associated, everything is possible. There’s free lunches for everyone and pigs really do fly.

It was the job of Paris Jackson, that nasty leftist role model who is just slightly less talented than her namesake Paris Hilton, to mock President Trump during the program. She did so by denouncing and accusing him of being one of the “neo-Nazi jerks and white supremacists.” Not every white person is a neo-Nazi jerk or a white supremacist, and for her to make blanket [not her brother] statements such as that shows she’s a bigot herself.

If we all put our voices together, do you realize we’d have absolutely no impact at all?

The skank told the children, who validate their immaturity and inability to make good decisions by the fact that they’re sitting and listening to the drivel of this woman, “If we were to all put our voices together, do you realize the difference we would make?” None, Jackson, it’s not possible and if it were it would accomplish nothing. But the children will believe you, and you are getting paid despite having no natural abilities.

Jackson then went on to demonstrate that she’s got no talent for comedy either, saying, “If we were to all stand up united as one, our impact, it would be huge; believe me, huge. And that’s not fake news.” She condemned the neo-Nazis and white nationalists who caused the violence in Charlottesville, in keeping with the leftist narrative, ignoring the fact that it was leftists like her, the Antifa, commie and BLM thugs, who caused it.

She blathered on, “We must show these Nazi white supremacist jerks in Charlottesville and all over the country that as a nation with liberty as our slogan, we have zero tolerance for their violence, [unless it’s fellow lefties] their hatred, and their discrimination! We must resist.”

Resist the leftist programming , children. They’re leading you down the path of no return

Resist the left and resist your programming, little girl. And by the way, your dad victimized and molested children too, in a much more personal way. You’re kind of following in his footsteps, aren’t you? And what kind of parent names their boy blanket? Oh yeah, the kind that goes to court for child molestation in his footie pajamas. This family is not the sort of source they should be seeking out for life skills training and advice, that’s for sure.

As more evidence that it’s an entry level leftist political indoctrination event more than anything else, six transgender service “its” were present as well as the mother of the radical marching in the street in Charlottesville that was run over.

Obviously the rant by Jackson was intended to tie in with that. She was scheduled to present the award for “Best Fight Against the System” later during the show.  What does that have to do with music? Nothing – it’s all about the mind control – the communists know you have to get them while they’re young.


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4 Comments on VMA Freak Leftist Trashes Trump, Indoctrinates Kids Into Good Little Globalist Comrades

  1. Terry Roche // August 29, 2017 at 2:26 am // Reply

    Yes agreed but she left out Antifa and BLM who’s violence and hate surpass that of the known 5 to 8 thousand white supremacist in America. Seems truly disingenuous especially when Black violence and gang murder rates in Chicago Year to Date, Shot & Killed: 433, Shot & Wounded: 2070, Total Shot: 2503, Total Homicides: 470. Jacksonville had 3 deaths and this is Paris Jackson’s priority with a bully pulpit. If you ask me yes KKK and White Supremacist have no place in America and they are deplorable. And on the same hand the left condone violence and hate in the name of “hating hate” how does that work? Fact is it doesn’t and it’s a double standard.

  2. Excellent article and the descriptive terms were perfectly on target.

  3. I’ve been called a lot of different things during my 64yrs so now according to this little tramp just because I happen to be white and voted for Trump that makes me a Nazi and white supremacist.It’s people like her that keep things stirred-up and promotes the violence that is infesting this country.Maybe things would settle down a bit if members of Antifa and BLM would stop taking dumb pills 4 times a day.

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