After Visit To CIA Headquarters, Feinstein Admits There’s No Russia Trump Collusion Evidence

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Wolf Blitzer appeared to ambush Senator Dianne Feinstein during an interview on his program on CNN Fake News, with a question she wasn’t expecting. It was one in which a truthful answer would contradict  the ongoing months-long lie, the Democrat claims behind the supposed Russian meddling in the US election.

Feinstein would clearly have relished the opportunity to provide cover and assistance to her close friend, crooked Hillary, but she couldn’t do it. She hadn’t the time nor the mental agility to cobble together a narrative that would make that possible.

Blitzer said, “I know that you and some of your colleagues from the Senate Intelligence Committee drove over to Langley, Virginia, yesterday, to CIA headquarters and you were briefed. As Blitzer says, “Here’s the question,” Feinstein interjects, “This wasn’t the subject,” apparently a reference to the topic of their interview not being included in the discussions at the CIA or that the CIA trip wasn’t the topic she agreed to discuss on CNN. Either way she consented to a minimal question from Blitzer.

Blitzer said, “You don’t have to provide us with any classified information,” apparently thinking for a moment that he was interviewing Hillary Clinton. Even dunderheaded Dianne doesn’t flout the law in that manner and she would have surely declined to reveal sensitive information even without Blitzer’s granting of permission not to do so.

He asks, “Do you believe, do you have evidence that there was in fact collusion between Trump associates and Russia during the campaign?” Feinstein replied, “Not at this time.” Blitzer make a point to hold out hope, saying, “I know the investigation is continuing.” There must be something to it, Wolfy, keep clinging to every shred of possibility. CNN’s been beating the dead horse on Clinton’s behalf for months, and they wouldn’t do so simply based upon partisan political motivations, would they?

Given the fact that it’s now been six months since the election and these accusations were flying around even before then and that Susan Rice and others have been snooping into Trump team members and their associates’ business for over a year, the odds of anything new being uncovered are pretty slim, at least in the area of Trump team wrongdoing.

As for the revelations of Obama regime and Democrat malfeasance and criminality, they’re everywhere, and only lacking the will, the dedication of assets and the ability to overcome Democrat obstructionism for them to be exposed to the world and, in what would be a deviation from the “new normal,” actually prosecuted.

Hopefully those assets are already at work or are being assigned now and they will to get to the bottom of all of this corruption is about to become apparent. We’ve waited long enough.

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  1. But that won’t stop them from creating more fictitious stories in the future… they’re good at creating false narratives (by perpetuating what could rightly be called a ‘false narrative’–a version of events that, while only ‘possibly’ true, had been shaped by left-bent liberal news/newspapers to elicit strong negative emotions like anger, fear, or disgust).

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