Viral Video Rebranded, Revenue Hijacked, Major Alternative Sites Implicated

grindall61 hijacked video

You may recall that two days ago we did a story on Maxine Waters being surrounded by Trump supporters and her having to sneak out a side exit in order to make her getaway. There was, as a source of that article, a video that chronicled the event in Gardena, California. In our report we not only ran the video with the watermark but also credited its creator, Grindall61 in the text of the story.

The next day the video started showing up everywhere, including on Drudge Report and I assumed that Grindall61 had gotten a good, viral hit. As someone who understands how one hit like that can make your month or year, how rare they can be, and in a bad month they can be the difference between paying the bills or not, I made a mental note of it, a “good for them” kind of thing. They do good work and take risks, they absolutely deserve the fruits of their labor.

Except, as this video shows, those fruits were apparently to a large degree stolen and their work claimed by others as belonging to them. As the video depicts, Gateway Pundit, Josh Caplan, Mike Cernovich and even ZeroHedge appear to be the intellectual property and ad revenue thieves. As described by Grindall61, he’s been very lenient in asking for the theft to stop and been ignored to this point, save one unfulfilled promise by the Gateway Pundit to replace the bootlegged video with his original.

Cernovich posts on as well so it’s astounding that he would be willing to risk such a goldmine of exposure for the short term reward that goes with something like this. There’s also the fact that we in the alternative media are supposed to be better people than the mainstream fake news charlatans who we criticize regularly and deservedly so.

They’ve got no moral authority to criticize the fake news mainstream when they steal other people’s money by stealing their intellectual property. Provided this video is legitimate, which it has every appearance of being, and the voice is definitely the same as all of the other Grindall61 videos, the supposed leaders of alternative media need to reexamine who they are and how they operate. This is not acceptable behavior, by anyone.

Honestly making a mistake or being new and ignorant as to how things work is one thing and forgivable if it doesn’t happen again. These are not rookies, they knew what they were doing and all were notified and given ample time to correct the situation. We’ve used Grindall61’s videos before, always properly credited. They do good work – they deserve to reap their own rewards. They have every right not to have their work stolen and posted by others as their own.

Grinadall61 is seeking the assistance of an attorney and sounds like he fully intends to pursue this. Hopefully one contacts him. The video in its original form can be seen here. His email address is [email protected]

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  1. Rick Wells you have given the information on who not to trust that would steal someone else’s work. It is like 4 days ago a pkg coming by UPS was due that night. It never came and since I live in a small town after contacting UPS by phone and Amazon to begin an investigation I went to the local UPS delivery site where I live. The delivery was at 7:55 pm on the night it should have been delivered to me. Lo and behold it was delivered but not to me. The UPS driver who did the route made a mistake but he was able to backtrack who he gave it to. My next door neighbor who decided to keep it. Bad luck for him. The moral to this story is be tenacious and pursue what is yours. I am like that.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been unsubscribing lately from several alt media sites because of their re-posting of fakenews articles. A wise Dr. Walter Williams, Professor of Graduate Economics, once told my class: “When everyone’s going in one direction, take another route.”

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