Vietnam Stolen Valor Lie From Sen Blumenthal – Trump Reminder

blumenthal mispeaks

As Senator Richard Blumenthal assumes a leading role in the Democrat/ establishment coup underway against President Trump, it seems like a good time to look at the controversial claims he made about having served in Vietnam. He claimed he had been in combat when he was actually a “toys for tots” specialist.

Back when MSNBC was much more like a real news network, in 2010, Chuck Todd interviews two experts, Tom Davis and Martin Frost, on the situation in that Senate race involving Democrat and establishment henchman, Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal. He plays a clip of Blumenthal deliberately lying about his not having served in Vietnam.

Blumenthal says, “We have learned something very important since the days that I served in Vietnam.” He has never been to Vietnam, as most Americans are learning, yet he has the nerve and lack of integrity to accuse President Trump of misdeeds that there is absolutely no indication of, let alone any evidence.

Both men felt at the time it was a serious hit on the Democrat, although one he unfortunately was able, through his natural groveling ability and significant financial resources, to overcome. Wait until next election, Blumenthal. You’re notorious now. Military service is to be respected; especially service in combat.

It’s hard to imagine him getting any votes from Veterans or family members of those who did serve in Vietnam or elsewhere in combat. His attempts to assign their sacrifice to himself speaks volumes about his lack of integrity. Yet there he is this week, on the offensive, talking on that very topic in accusations against the President in the Mueller witch hunt. He truly is one despicable human being.

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