Video and House Hearings Prove Rice Was Lying When She Swore She Was Innocent

rice lying

Catherine Herridge provides more vivid evidence to support the common belief that not one word that comes out of the mouth of Susan Rice can be regarded as the truth.

She has a sanitary and less offensive way of calling Rice a liar, saying that “A senior Capitol Hill source has told Fox News former National Security Adviser Susan Rice offered ‘vast and varied explanations’ for requesting the names of Trump transition team members.”

She claimed to have been bothered by a December meeting at Trump Tower, which occurred after the election with UAE Crown Prince and Trump team members Kushner, Bannon and Flynn. They cancelled a scheduled meeting with Obama and then came to visit the incoming administration. Rice wanted to know what they were talking about so she took the info.

Herridge says, “A former intelligence official disputed Rice’s characterization, emphasizing the Gulf delegation did ask for a meeting with Obama but the White House dropped the ball.

Delivering the knock punch to whatever shred of credibility Rice might still be clinging to, Herridge plays video of a PBS interview in which Rice denied having any knowledge of the unmasking, saying, “I know nothing about this. I was surprised to see reports from Chairman Nunes on that count today.”

Her blinking eyes were a dead giveaway at the time and this evidence just confirms the conclusions reached then. She says she was surprised to see the reports, that doesn’t mean they’re not true. Rice is just surprised she was discovered.

In a subsequent interview she had regained her natural arrogance and responded more aggressively, saying, “The allegation is that somehow Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. That’s absolutely false.” What was the purpose of the unmasking you did that you denied any knowledge of, then, Mrs. Rice, since it wasn’t political?

Once again demonstrating her ability to diplomatically call Rice a liar, Herridge says, “Multiple sources told Fox News they found Rice’s explanation about unmasking ‘dubious’ and then went as far as claiming the Democrats might regret digging into the Russia collusion allegations because it has so far exposed embarrassing revelations about the Obama national security team as well as former Attorney General Lynch.”

Added to the Benghazi Sunday show lie fest, this woman has demonstrated she should never again be booked for anything that doesn’t involve an available polygraph machine and her attorney.


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