Victim Tortured, Forced To Drink From A Toilet Because He’s A White Boy

tortured toilet chicago


Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson asks what must have been a rhetorical question, “what would make individuals treat somebody like that?” They’re evil racists, Superintendent, the product of 8 years under Hussein Obama and a society that encourages and participates in racism against their common enemy of “privileged” white people through various one-sided laws and policies at every level of government and academia, pressed by accepted racist organizations such as the NAACP and LaRaza. It should come as no surprise to anyone, particularly to any white heterosexual male trying to compete for a job.

The special needs victim, who was probably only released because the perpetrators felt like he’d never be able to retrace his steps or point them out, is lucky to be alive. He was apparently picked up by the group of abductors, one of whom was an acquaintance and then driven to the location where they would conduct the torture of the helpless individual. He was duct-taped, and abused, forced to say racist things against Donald Trump and white people, but now a second video has surfaced showing him having his head forced into a toilet and being forced to drink the nasty toilet water. 

Not only did they kidnap the young man and hold him for up to two days, the perpetrators stole a vehicle and took him thirty miles away, obviously there was an intent to protect their identities which leads to the conclusion that, as a white man in the murder capital of the United States, the victim is lucky to be alive. The report indicates he is extremely traumatized following the event.

New information from the Associated Press indicates they have been charged with a hate crime in addition the battery and other charges that will be forthcoming.

These people are animals. Some animals belong in cages. Maybe they should have to drink out of the toilet, like racist dogs.

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