Vicious “Tolerant” Libs Attack Kellyanne For Having Her Racist Feet On Sofa

kellyanne conway


Talk about not being able to catch a break, or not being allowed to even know such things as breaks exist, the sharks are once again circling around Kellyanne Conway. The sharks don’t appear to be Great Whites, the most racist of sharks, partly because they’re just not great in any regard. Judging from the way they pound away at a fake story, they’re most likely hammerheads.

Kellyanne Conway is someone the sharks sense as being vulnerable, and she has made a couple of mistakes along the way, we all do. She not a shark, she’s human. Anyone who’s ever taken a picture before knows what it’s like to try to frame it just right. Sometimes you need to get a little more to the left to get the look you want.

Maybe she moved to the left so that she could include the guy on the right in the blue tie who is peeking out from behind the beard of the fellow to his left. She’s trying to be inclusive, isn’t that what the libtards always demand.? And she went to the extreme left of the gap in humanity in order to take it, you’d think they’d be applauding a shift to the left from inside the White House.

The race-baiters are putting some kind of “disrespectful to black people” spin on it because that’s what they do. How disrespectful was it to this group of leaders of black colleges and universities to be taking their picture with the President? And she’s clearly going out of her way to get the best shots for them. You don’t go the extra mile to get the right look in a photograph of  people you don’t respect. In that case someone would just hold the camera up and click. She’s caught up in the moment, apparently enjoying the gathering, the opposite of the way it’s being depicted. The last thing the leftist anti-Trump haters want is good relations between the President and black America.

If black Americans started thinking for themselves it would shut down the Democrat plantation. Maybe they could switch to collective farming, tomatoes, strawberries and the like, with Mexicans and other Hispanics. That’s part of their ultimate game plan and could possibly be a way for them to survive, but why take chances? Why release the trap early when it’s so easy to take cheap shots at Kellyanne?


She’s not the president so comparisons to Obama putting his feet up on the desk like a Kenyan basking in the warm glow of the dung fire may not be fair. Then again, he wasn’t the president either. History will show that we didn’t have one for eight years.

Maybe Kellyanne having her feet on the sofa doesn’t look good, and she should have sat instead. She’s also not Mooch stepping out of Air Force One in her flip flops and shorts or prancing around in skin tight, eye-terrorizing dance wear on national television and elsewhere. It was obviously a moment in time that she thought nothing about. She was trying to get that perfect shot.

Let’s not forget what Democrat President Bill Clinton was doing in the White House, leftists. Conway’s shoes were clean. Nothing immoral took place and there were no stains left behind, on the furniture or on her dress. Give her a break.



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