Vice President Pence On Activist Liberal Judge’s Stay Of Travel Ban

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Vice President Mike Pence appeared on Face The Nation Sunday with the discussion beginning with the order by an activist judge in Seattle barring the administration from enforcing the President’s executive order banning travel from seven terrorist nations.

John Dickerson asks the Vice President if it’s time to start over. That’s an option that some average citizens have wondered about as well, as it seems like it would afford the President an opportunity to craft individual orders that might address specific areas of the threat as the challenges to the President, which is all that this really is, continue and are forced to be more specifically defined. Perhaps they’re saving that option for a later date, if the leftists are able to stymie the White House, perhaps they have other reasons.

Pence says, “It’s not time to start over at all. During the course of the campaign and since the outset of this administration, President Trump has made it clear. He’s going to use his authority as President, under the law, to put the safety and security of the American people first, especially when it comes to protecting this country from the threat that radical Islamic terrorism poses to our families and our communities. The executive order is on a solid constitutional and statutory foundation. One court in Boston confirmed that, another court in Washington came to a different decision but we are very confident that, as we move through the process of these appeals, that the President’s authority in this area will be upheld and will continue to take such actions as are necessary to put the safety and security of the American people first.”

Dickerson tries to pin Pence down on his calling the judge a “so-called” judge, seemingly attempting to draw him into another controversy like the one with La Raza agitator, activist Judge Curiel. The Vice President doesn’t take the bait but does address the activism of the judge and the impropriety of his actions later in response to a question about the similarity to Judge Andrew Hanen’s stay on the Obama illegal alien amnesty.

Pence says the simple fact is that “The  American people welcome the candor of this President. And the President and our whole administration frankly are frustrated because the law could not be more clear here, John. Not only his constitutional authority to conduct foreign policy for this country but clear statutory authority in federal law today gives the President the ability to determine who is given access to this country and who is not.” He adds, “It’s just frustrating to see a federal judge in Washington State conducting American foreign policy or making decisions about our national security.

Dickerson next addresses the court inserting itself into the issue, and basing his premise on the Obama illegal alien amnesty, asks, “If it was good when they stopped ‘president’ Obama, how can it not be legitimate for them to ‘step in and pause’ in this instance?”

Vice President Pence replies, “In that case ‘president’ Obama was clearly taking action that was within the purview of the legislative branch, Congress had not acted in that regard, and so he attempted to use executive authority to implement laws that Congress had not passed. The President’s executive order that the judge in Washington State issued an order upending, is fully consistent with statutory law that’s been passed by the Congress and the United States of America.”

Pence also recognizes that the rollout was a little clunky, saying, “At the outset of an administration that is as busy keeping our promises to the American people as this one, we’ll concede that sometimes the usual Washington niceties of informing the members of Congress were not fully implemented as they have been in the past.”

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