Vermont Vermin Leahy’s Schoolyard Taunts Of AG Sessions – A Truly Detestable Dem

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It’s not easy to understand Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy when he’s talking, as he thoroughly chews up his words before spitting them out. It’s also sometimes difficult to tell through the gravelly voice if happy hour didn’t start a little early for the corrupt Democrat on any given day. It’s even harder to tell by the immature nature of his comments, which are often below the supposed dignity of the position he disgraces by holding it and the institution he tarnishes by his membership, the US Senate.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was scheduled to testify Tuesday before the Senate Appropriations Committee, upon which the despicable Leahy holds a seat as the ranking member. Leahy decided to show his professionalism to the world by turning the change of committees on the part of Attorney General Sessions from Appropriations to the Intelligence Committee into a personal slight against him and his libtard comrade, Senator Al Franken.

Leahy is not the committee chairman, but he sent out belligerent tweets anyway, evidence of his childishness and unfitness to serve in the position he holds. The series of three tweets said:

“Atty Gen. Sessions provided false testimony in response to questions from me and @SenFranken about his contacts with Russian officials,” followed by, ” Now, twice in 2 mos., AG Sessions cancels an Approps hg in which I could Q him about his false testimony and half-hearted Russia recusal.” He wrapped up his juvenile display by tweeting, “My mssg to AttyGen Sessions: Approps & Judiciary have oversight of DOJ. You need to testify before both in public. You can’t run forever.”

The arrogant POS swamp trash knows that the Attorney General is not running, he’s going to be in the Capitol talking with a different group of his former colleagues turned vipers, in the Senate Intelligence Committee. If it weren’t for the Democrats and their propaganda facilitators in the media pressing the witch hunt against the President and his administration, the Attorney General would have surely kept his original appointments. If he wants to blame someone, blame himself and the trash he has aligned himself with.

The Democrats are responsible for the chaos that is being created. General Sessions is merely dealing with the hand the Democrat’s abuse of power has left them holding. Hopefully, he’s about to get aggressive and fight back. Appeasing the Democrat crooks has only emboldened them and left the administration leadership reeling as they are today.

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