Vegas Taxi Driver Below Mandalay Shooter(s) As Massacre Unfolds – Two Very Different Sounds

las vegas taxi driver

A taxi driver was in the cue at the Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino when the terrorist attack was first unfolding. She had the presence of mind to capture the events on video. Discounting the echo, it certainly seems as though there are two locations from which shots can be heard and the distance between sounds as if it is substantial.

Whether that is the result of being on two different ends of the same hotel room is something the experts can sort out.

As she’s first hearing the events unfold the driver is amazed that nobody seems to be reacting to what is going on around them. People are standing around, even a security officer goes by on a bicycle at a fairly leisurely pace.

After a few minutes she decides it’s best to get the heck out of there, learning from another driver who had spoken with a policeman at the airport that what she thinks is automatic gunfire is in fact exactly that.

She makes the decision to leave as more gunfire can be heard. After sitting through a red light, she passes adjacent to what must be the back side of the lot where the concert was being held. There are a lot of people running for their lives at that point, filling the street.

Several end up getting into the cab and describe the horrific scene they just witnessed, calling loved ones on their phone to let them know they’re okay, realizing that they are lucky to be alive and that many others were not as fortunate.

Is this the work of one deranged terrorist or a team that left one behind to throw the authorities off? Is that angle on the end room enough to make that great of a difference in the way those shots sounded? Did any of those rooms on any of the lower floors have windows that open?

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3 Comments on Vegas Taxi Driver Below Mandalay Shooter(s) As Massacre Unfolds – Two Very Different Sounds

  1. By the sounds, there were at least two shooters, sometimes sounds like it might be three. Not echoes! The rhythms are off and number of shots too. Also, sometimes they’re shooting at the same time. Somebody better do some more checking.

  2. while this video is interesting it really doesn’t show all that much.
    and when you hear the rounds going off then you hear the ECHO and that can be confusing to people who don’t know how the ECHOS can sound like coming from a different location because SOUND TRAVELS LOUDER AT NIGHT THEN DAY.

    • how about the differences in the volumes, James – sounds like one is right above her and the other in the distance, that much change from being across the room and behind an angled wall? I’m no expert but one sounds like it’s right on top of her, the other a long ways away.

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