Las Vegas Shooting – Democrats Licking Their Chops To Call For Gun Control

las vegas shooting

Many Americans can look at these videos of the terrorist attack at Mandalay Bay and say they’ve either been there or been close to it. Just about anyone could have been attending a live concert on a warm night in the parking lot there.

Sheriff Lombardo of the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept has announced that “in excess” of 50 people are dead and more than 500 others injured from the terrorist attack when a gunman opened fire at the crowd at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival. The event took place on a 15-acre lot across Las Vegas Boulevard from the Mandalay Bay Casino in Las Vegas.

The lone shooter has now been identified as a 64-year-old white man, Mesquite, NV resident Stephen Paddock. He’s not the Islamic terrorist that was the natural first reaction but ISIS is claiming that he was a recent convert to Islam and one of theirs.  The shooter was killed in his hotel room on the 32nd floor when he reportedly shot himself after his room was breached by Las Vegas SWAT Officers. His suspected accomplice, female companion Mari Lou Danley, was believed to be out of the country, in the Philippines, and may have been unaware of Paddock’s plot.

It is odd that one man, if he acted alone as officials claim to believe, had over ten firearms in his room, particularly when they included fully automatic rifles. ISIS claims he was a recent convert to their sickness of Islam. Perhaps there’s more to the terrorist connection than the authorities are telling us and more individuals than just Paddock involved. Paddock was a heavy gambler up until the end. Is that consistent with a terrorist convert? Would blowing through a lot of cash be consistent with someone who knew he was going to die and that he couldn’t take it with him?

The Democrats will try to capitalize on the tragedy and make it the gun’s fault. They’ll label white people the real domestic terrorist threat. He used automatic weapons, which are already pretty much illegal for private ownership in the US. Those restrictions didn’t stop the terrorist this time and they likely won’t in the future. Terrorists don’t care about our laws or much of anything else.


The liberal media will be all over this horrific event, as they should, but they will have an agenda, as they should not. Their coverage will be predictable and with it they will be attempting to move the leftist agenda forward. As with every other terrorist attack, this one, unusual in the fact that the perpetrator is a retired white guy, their focus will be on the gun. Since this butcher was a white American, they’ll attempt to minimize the Islamic threat and to elevate American citizens to a threat level above that of their imported foreigners of choice.

This was a hideous action that cannot in any way be justified or understood. It is just senseless butchery, the irrational taking of innocent life by what has to have been a raving lunatic.



This story was updated at 4:40 am Las Vegas time


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5 Comments on Las Vegas Shooting – Democrats Licking Their Chops To Call For Gun Control

  1. This white guy could be a muslim. Most likely he’s just a sick white guy. After this, and all of the other shootings in our country, do they really think people are going to give up their guns, after all we will need them for the revolution, another civil war. We could send Crooked Hillary to PR to be president and give her all of the NFL racist white haters. They don’t like America. Now they are raising their fists like the black power and Black Panthers did. I wonder if these morons even know what they are doing. I think we should enlist them all in the army then send them to the middle east.

  2. Obama and Hillary wasted no time making this a political event, their initial comments immediately went to the gun control lobbying. Yet this time I think they misread the American public, the first ones to politicize this tragedy are going to lose. As the Dems are easy to read they will step right into this abyss. Open borders, take away all guns, increase taxes, have government control over all public services this Dem ideology sounds a great deal like Marxism.

  3. Exactly right. They were all over this as gun violence and could not stop reporting on it.

    Tragic, but they never do such in depth analysis when it is not “whitey” doing the terror.

  4. Andrew W Natheson // October 2, 2017 at 7:38 pm // Reply

    Hey Rick,
    If This PIECE of SCUM Turns out to B Muslim, then Welcome to the Disgusting World of Radical Islamic Terrorism When It Comes to Violence, It Won’t B Christians, Jews, Buddists or Others, It Will Always B Muslims. Make NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT. Islam is a Religion of Peace? Ya Right – Give Ne a Fkg Break. Islam is a
    “Terrorist Religion” You Have to B Pretty Stupid to Believe Otherwise. Right Up There Besides Black LIES Matter and the Antfa and What Have You. Time for President Trump to Crack Down and REAL HARD. Come Help or High Water.

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