Las Vegas Sheriff – Possible Accomplice Conveniently In Tokyo, Chat If She Comes Back

sheriff lombardo

A statement from Sheriff Joseph Lombardo on Monday following the horrific massacre at the Mandalay Bay shed some more light on the operations and other information regarding the case. He’s got a lot going on with this huge crime scene and large number of casualties and the odd nature of the events.

Lombardo notes that there are four separate crime scenes his investigators are working, the hotel room at the hotel on the 32nd floor, the event location, the suspected perpetrator’s residence in Mesquite and a fourth location in northern Nevada, another house that SWAT is ready to move on.

He reports that 18 firearms were retrieved from the Mesquite house, “some explosives” and several thousand rounds of ammo. He didn’t report whether any of those were illegal, with what he classified as explosives perhaps being legal fertilizer. He also says they took possession of “some electronic devices that we are evaluating at this point.”

Sheriff Lombardo updates the casualty numbers to 527 persons injured, with another 59 individuals killed in the attack.

He was asked if anything was found in the suspect’s car, which he reports there was fertilizer found, although again, that is a common item available at any home or hardware store, ammonium nitrate, stating that there were “no compounds additional to that.”

The Sheriff says they “are continuing the investigation into the female,” who was conveniently out of the country and not even in her native Philippines but presently in Tokyo.  He says they “are making arrangements to contact her upon her return.”

Maybe he would want to approach that aspect of his investigation with a little more urgency. Perhaps he should send someone to Tokyo to conduct an interrogation rather than waiting for her to wander back to the US on her own. Our allies, the Japanese, should be more than willing to help, and our friends in the Philippines more than willing to reciprocate the help we’ve been sending to them in their battle with terrorists. Whether or not she is complicit, she may have information that is critical to the investigation. He won’t know until he talks to her.

It’s unimaginable that an immediate effort to question someone with this close proximity to a case of this magnitude is not underway. He could send a couple of investigators for less than $3,000 total including hotel expenses and meals. If this isn’t a case that justifies pulling out all of the stops, what is?

There’s another reason he might want to be aggressive in talking to her. He might need to get to her before someone else does and she goes missing permanently or turns up dead herself.

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5 Comments on Las Vegas Sheriff – Possible Accomplice Conveniently In Tokyo, Chat If She Comes Back

  1. They are spinning it like a dreidel. They’ll have so many theories, and discount them, while mind herding their selected theory that it will either be lost in emotional compassion, or the patsy will be another broken mind because of Trump’s divisiveness.

    It’s very dangerous when the “left” and their SJWs feel like they are losing their grip.

  2. Lots of armchair quarterbacks on this issue…this Sheriff has his hands full with all the casualties and injuries. I, too, would like to see a bit more urgency in establishing contact with this woman in Japan.

  3. This woman being in Japan at this time is a little too strange. I concur she should be interviewed ASAP. I’m all kind of curious as to why she hasn’t already returned to Vegas to help as I’m sure she knows of this already from the international news.

  4. more and more DRAMA HUH FOLKS.
    in the Marine Corps we call this A CLUSTER FK.

  5. Rick, I agree with you. I cannot believe he would wait till she returned?

    The young woman who was at the concert was listening to two women arguing over something and the one woman and her male companion were removed because of her harassment of the other woman and she heard her say as she was escorted away that they would all die tonight. She was asked what they looked like and her words were Hispanic but she could not describe more about their looks except like everyone else. I am guessing that it was a ‘they all look alike’. Could the woman that said that have been Fillapino as well as her companion? After all the Muslims are attacking the Philippines every day and trying to take over.

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