As If Valerie Jarrett Returned To Work In The White House – Now She’s Called Ivanka

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We might have assumed that when the Obama regime was finally shown their way to the curb on Pennsylvania Ave and the carpets, draperies, furnishings and wallpaper were steam-cleaned and replaced as needed, that the White House was forever rid of Valerie Jarrett.

After all, an unelected, secretive, Democrat manipulator inserted into an office and position created specifically for her would never have a place in the Trump White House. The American people weren’t vague or nuanced in their support of President Trump’s initiatives to make America great again or in our expectations that his administration would be what was promised. Reality has a way of drifting away from the best of intentions, and Valerie Jarrett is once again occupying an influential position in the White House. This time her name is Ivanka. She sells clothes, builds buildings and, like her predecessor, sticks her liberal nose where it doesn’t belong.

The new Valerie-Ivanka-Mooch went to Germany on Tuesday and received a rather rude response from the crowd who were gathered at the feet of Angela Merkel, the woman who is not yet finished destroying their nation and continent. Valerie-Ivanka was booed and hissed by the group of passive leftist victims of reeducation who are blind to their own subservience and conquest. They were gathered as sexists to bemoan their plight, to finagle a legal advantage and promote a societal preference of women over men. That’s fine for dating, but they’re talking about jobs and other opportunities and arming themselves with retaliatory legal weapons. It’s the standard liberal agenda that the libs are inflicting on all of Western society, and she’s doing her part.

Just as with the NAACP promoting hiring based upon racial considerations, it’s discriminatory in the same manner against those who are excluded. Government has no place inserting itself on behalf of one American over the other, particularly when that American claims to want an equal opportunity. Equal is equal. “Equality Plus” is inequality and a preference. Valerie-Ivanka-Mooch has no place inserting herself into our government in any regard, she’s a 35-year-old kid who was given lots of toys and  a great education to learn to build things with them. Go play outside, Ivanka.

Democrat Valerie-Ivanka-Mooch brought with her the globalist, open borders, global conquest message she shares with her close friends Chelsea Clinton and Huma Abedin, that converting the United States into “Big Syria” is the appropriate response to the “humanitarian crisis.” She told the leftist propagandists at NBC’s Toady [sic] Show, in her most compassionate-sounding, reasoned and ‘enlightened’ tone, “I think there is a global humanitarian crisis that’s happening and we have to come together and we have to solve it.” Maybe Chuck Schumer will loan her his hankie.

The Toady Show hack, thrilled that her guest is contradicting the President, hurriedly inserts, “And that to include opening the borders to Syrian refugees in the US?” Valerie-Ivanka-Mooch Trump replied “That has to be part of the discussion but that’s not going to be enough in and of itself.” Maybe she wants the contract to build those Mosques on every street corner in America.

The question all Americans should be asking themselves right now is how did the Trump train wind up on this wrong track, speeding in the wrong direction and where is our brakeman to rescue us, Denzel Washington-style, before the certain crash. This is not the Trump agenda we voted for, the American people’s demands, that he correctly read and represented. What we see here is more of the same Obama program of social justice garbage being promoted by someone who has no rightful role or place in the White House.

She’s a successful businesswoman who had a lot of advantages that made her success much more likely. Good for her, go make the best of them and leave the governing to the guy we elected, your father. And while you’re packing up your belongings in your office of “Assistant to the President,” a position that never existed before, please help that numb-nuts liberal Democrat you’re married to put his stuff into a box as well; a cardboard box.

His qualifications may likewise be great for the building business or as a metro-sexual fashion designer and his daddy gave him the same opportunities that yours gave you. Let the two of you go back to your private ventures with business partner George Soros or whoever else is helping to drive your warped Democrat messaging, and get the hell out of our White House. We voted for Trump, not Kushner. Valerie Jarrett’s was a horrific mug we hoped never to see in the White House again, regardless of the improved packaging, in any incarnation. Just go back to New York.


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21 Comments on As If Valerie Jarrett Returned To Work In The White House – Now She’s Called Ivanka

  1. Thank you for the information!

  2. You are right Cathie. I just wish I knew how to let President Trump know how we feel about this. More like a betrayal of our trust. I know it isn’t easy to tell your own children that they are fired but this he must do.

  3. I am not pleased with what’s going on. Tonight on FB she thanked Merkel for her leadership. Unbelievable! Just because you run a successful business does not qualify you to be assistant to the president of the USA. I was one of Trumps biggest supporters but this girl is not qualified to hobnob with world leaders. It’s embarrassing. I didn’t vote for a liberal or at least I didn’t think I did.

  4. On a cold night, I once picked up a homeless man, gave him food, and allowed him to get out of the cold and sleep in my barn. MY choice. If my government told me to feed him at my table, I’d have told them to go to hell.

    • the government would have expected you to also let him use your car and sleep in your bed…but you ..unlike the Government did the sane thing.

  5. Freddie Arthur Hisle // April 27, 2017 at 8:40 pm // Reply

    President Trump needs to kick all of his relatives out of the White House, except for his wife and youngest son. Then get back to the business that we voted for.

  6. so agree with the write up of Ivanka. We voted for Donald Trump. Dad clear out the daughter and son-in-law before a real situation happens. Stick to your promises and not weaver out. We want America great again.

  7. Dumb little smart ass Ivanka, every word she speaks is a dagger in the honorable USA citizens and their president.

  8. We the people did not bargain for Ivanka. She has all the values that we voted against. Go back to New York, Ivanka, where YOUR values are. Don’t make your father a liar. He promised many GOOD things for America which YOU are trying to change or influencing him to not keep.

  9. Yuuggge mistake … we voted for Donald Trump …Even the boys would have been more welcome than Ivanka and her pushy husband ….at least the boys are not liberals …I’m not happy about this ‘relationship’ that may convey the wrong messages to the wrong people…Pres. Trump has enough enemies in our own political party without choosing this arrangement …..I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR AN HONEST RESPONSE FROM THE REST OF THE FAMILY ?????? however , I’m sure we won’t get it ….

  10. The Donald needs to get a tighter grip on the crowd surrounding him. He is getting pulled in many directions other than those he promised to his voters. I don’t want to see him fail.

  11. Bob Balfour // April 27, 2017 at 7:05 am // Reply

    Your Full of Shit. Family is a collection of old and new ideas evolving. She is not a political operative.

    • Rick Wells // April 27, 2017 at 7:20 am // Reply

      She is a political operative and I didn’t vote for an evolving set of ideas – you make my case. And it’s You’re full of shit, not your, put that with your other evolving enlightenments. You don’t know she’s in Germany speaking at the W20 women’s social engineering confab or you don’t consider that and her statement that we have to open the flood gates to Syrians to be “political?” maybe you’re just a democrat like her?

      • your articles use of the three named pseudonym was/is very confusing and I have an IQ of 180. I wasnt aware of the ‘floodgates’ comment..maybe you should post more on it specifically without the pseudonyms? This is the 1st time I disagree with you on anything, but I honestly see no problem with her being her fathers personal assistant, outside of the comment you made about her statement. At least ,unlike Valerie and Obamass, they are related and don’t just have a maniac ideology in common. This doesnt change my respect for your page, I just don’t see any reason to be upset by it. Yes she is young but even the liberals consider themselves adults by the age of 35 ,according to them. 😉

        • Rick Wells // April 28, 2017 at 7:04 am // Reply

          it was stylistic and may or may not have had the intended results but she’s the antipathy of what we voted for. I don’t want any preference for a gender or race, period, leftists do, as does she and her ilk. I don’t agree with the importation of syrians, as she advocated in that clip, or with her dad’s questionable attack on Syria before any investigation could be launched. The climate scam, and I’m refamiliarizing myself with it for current and future articles, is a complete wealth redistribution scam and plenty of riches to be had along the way. It also destroys America and makes us the providers for the world – no exaggeration – read the actual document and it was never ratified, which Trump, Congress and all of their expensive lawyers fail to address. She’s a pretty little girl just like they put on the budweiser commercials, selling liberalism and the end of the country. I don’t know why, but I have to speak up when I see it. I’ve got serious problems with her, they’ll become more apparent as time passes. here’s the link to the climate doc pdf, there’s about five of the points that are really outrageous – I wrote on them a couple of years ago, going to go heavy on it again in the near future, start with one today – here’s the link – Articles 8,9 and 10 of the annex are particularly bad, and this little cabal is switching Trump to remain in it, to keep it alive until they can get him out – whether she realizes the goal or not is immaterial – it’s what I see happening. Thanks for your comment, T.

  12. I agree. We Voted in Donald Trump and welcomed his beautiful and intelligent wife into the White House. NOT any of his adult children. They have no right to be into any of the business of running this country. They need to go back home and back to their own businesses.

  13. Very well stated. While Trump may be, mostly, in charge of the economic engine, it seems Uvanka is in charge of social justice.

    I wonder if the Kushners will be in charge of building housing for all those refugees and illegals that are still coming in.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I am getting jaded in my outlook.

  14. Deplorable Doctor // April 27, 2017 at 5:25 am // Reply

    Ivanka “Valerie Jarrett” Kushner was NOT who I voted for President!

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