Was USS Fitzgerald Collision N Korean Attack On US Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense?

fitzgerald missile strike

There has been a lot of speculation about what happened to create the collision between the freighter ACX Crystal, which was constructed in South Korea in 2008, and the USS Fitzgerald. Florida Maquis has been active in that research and investigation of the many oddities that took place prior to, immediately after between the ships, the crews, statements of the military and others, and speculation as to why there are the discrepancies that exist.

Now, with the launch of a ballistic missile by North Korea on the July 4th holiday, there is a new possibility that is sticking out like a sore thumb that he documents, one which could be the real reason for the collision, an attack orchestrated by North Korea to take out the US Naval asset.

He notes that the trajectory of the missile launch was such that it only flew 600 miles but shows where a flatter trajectory could expand upon that range greatly, to a distance estimate by one expert of 4,160 miles. He describes one of the premier capabilities of the Arleigh-Burke class destroyer, such as the USS Fitzgerald, is defense against ballistic missiles, as such production of Arleigh-Burke class destroyers had been restarted with a suspension of the Zumwalt [not Zumwait] Class.

Florida Maquis determines that the ship needs to be moving slower than 13 knots in order to conduct anti-ballistic missile defense operations, which may explain why it was such an easy target, if in fact there was a deliberate act of war that took place. The many conflicting statements have yet to provide a credible reason for why this happened, as his many videos illustrate.

He draws a line from the North Korean launch site to Hawaii, which tracks directly over the location of the USS Fitzgerald en route to the American state that is approximately within range of the North Korean missile. The conclusion made is that it is at least possible that the Fitzgerald was removed from the battlefield in advance of an upcoming missile launch in order to prevent it from being shot down.

If that is the case, we’ve already been attacked by North Korea and are already at war, we just haven’t been told about it yet. It’s an idea that is at least worth some consideration and possible preparation.

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5 Comments on Was USS Fitzgerald Collision N Korean Attack On US Anti-Ballistic Missile Defense?

  1. Andrew W. Matheson // July 6, 2017 at 4:44 pm // Reply

    Hi All,
    We Might NOT KNOW if that Collision was Deliberate. For Now Only the Amcn Gvmnt Knows for Sure. Its MY VIEWS that the North Koreans are Getting Supplies/Parts from Iran, Russia AND China as Well, ITS being Transported BY RAIL to Get Around Sanctions etc The Sooner We Take Out This FAT JACK ASS the Better.

  2. Commander Fitzpatrick* here:

    Container ship ACX CRYSTAL rammed USS FITZGERALD (DDG-62). Quote me.

    There is no mistake.

    Negligence does attach to USS FITZGERALD watch standers. Bridge watch standers and combat information center (CIC) watch standers alike.

    I cannot fathom why USS FITZGERALD did not instantly steer an avoiding course knowing the container ship was steering a CBDR or near CBDR course (constant bearing, decreasing range).

    Still, the container ship rammed USS FITZGERALD (DDG – 62). An Act of War!

    *United States Navy, Retired
    Surface warfare
    Former executive officer / commanding officer USS MARS (AFS -1)
    U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, Class of 1975

  3. Kitty Corbett // July 6, 2017 at 5:57 am // Reply

    Don’t understand Thomas Oakley’s “CMP,” perhaps he meant “EMP,” Electro-Magnetic Pulse. At any rate, the ramming of the Fitzgerald seems to me to be not only deliberate but an act of war. That could explain why we’ve heard little to nothing about it since the event. If an act of war, and that act is from North Korea, this is a very serious issue. NK can afford reckless behavior, they have little to nothing to lose. On the other hand, mutually assured destruction is unappealing to America or to any other civilized nation.

  4. Of course they were attacked! What moron can’t figure that out.

  5. Thomas Oakley // July 5, 2017 at 9:05 pm // Reply

    I hope the so called great minds also thought of this. Now if we have more then one of these ships, is another on on the way? Or does it take someone not in the military to figure this out and then nothing is done. O Yes as far as n korea goes, has that so called committee figured out how to prevent against a….CMP….or will they talk/investigate (ha ha) for a few years? They have had other reports over the years and nothing was done (obamssssss years) now it is catch up time, but do they have the time?

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