US Wealth UP $4.1 Trillion Under Trump – Insane Dems Trying To Force Him Out

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Stuart Varney notes that “Donald Trump has been President for six months. The media overwhelmingly negative. They remain contemptuous. They’re pushing to get him out before he completes his first term.

“Investors might think very differently,” says Varney. ‘The great success of the Trump Presidency thus far is not what he’s done but what he promises to do. Namely, get the economy going again. Evidently investors believe he might yet get it done.”

Varney says, “Look at this. Since his election win the Trump rally has added 4.1 trillion to the nation’s wealth. Anyone with a 401K and IRA, college savings, retirement savings, mutual funds, anyone with a dime in the market, has taken a piece of that $4 trillion.”

“Also,” he says, “during this Presidency, five American companies have emerged as global technology leaders. You know the names, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft and Facebook. It is a technology world and American companies have seized the future.”

Varney says, “I find it astonishing that the world of money is so exuberant while the political world is so contemptuous of this President and his policy of growth. One brief aside – can anyone tell me the Democrats’ growth plan? Do they have one?”

“They apparently still cling to the belief that if we tax the rich and give to the poor, shackle capitalism and open the borders we will somehow grow,” says Varney. “Nonsense. Six months in the left is mired in hate. Let’s hope hate loses and growth wins. Six months in it’s the hope of growth that’s making America $4 trillion richer.

Varney gives the Democrats too much credit by depicting them as Americans who have a stake in a prosperous future or at least an interest in one. Democrats are willing to sacrifice economic prosperity because it isn’t part of their plans.

A slave population can’t be allowed to prosper, Marxism prohibits private property ownership. President Trump’s success with the economy is just another reason why they see him as a threat that must be removed.


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