US Political Correctness Our Achilles Heel Seen By Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

james mitchell mohammed


Dr. James Mitchell interrogated Khalid Sheikh Mohammed an warns that the terrorist’s predictions are already coming true in Berlin and elsewhere and cautions they could easily be headed our way as well.

His first response when seeing the news of the Berlin attack was to realize that it was the exact prediction his former prisoner had predicted in 2004 and 2005. He is reminded of the fascination that Mohammed had over the amount of terror that the Beltway shooters had created just in the random sporadic actions of those two individuals and how it sent the whole of DC into near lockdown.

He describes the observations by Mohammed that our civil liberties, our openness and our willingness to be responsive to other people’s cultures were actually gifts that his god Allah had given them, weaknesses put into the American culture to make us more easily defeated. The easiest way to accomplish that was to utilize immigration and to out breed the non-Muslims.

Terrorists would come to our shores, wrap themselves in our civil liberties for protection, utilize our welfare systems for support while here exploiting us, and then ultimately rise up and attack when the time was right. He made the point that one or two people, intent on creating maximum carnage, could use things relatively available in our culture wreak havoc and ratchet up the acceptance of Sharia Law by making it “frightening for people to push pack against their efforts to impose it.”

Mitchell says the first thing we need to do to prevent what is happening in Europe from taking a firm hold here in the US is “to slow down our immigration from these countries that promote terrorism and generate these terrorists. We know which countries those are, we need to do a better job of vetting those things.”

He said we also need to do a much more thorough job of following up on individuals who travel to terrorist sponsoring nations. He dismisses the phony excuse of missing paperwork preventing this terrorist from being taken care of before he had a chance to strike. The Germans should have had him locked up tight and they didn’t, papers or no papers and this would not have happened. Political correctness and  Angela Merkel killed these people.

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