US CIVIL RIGHTS Comm CONDEMNS Charlottesville Violence, Won’t INCLUDE Top LEFTIST Offender

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Tucker Carlson and his guest, Peter Kirsanow, a member of the US Civil Rights Commission, point out that they just voted to condemn the violence in Charlottesville, but did so only as it pertains to those on the right.

It’s even worse than a simple oversight or lack of knowledge. They deliberately voted against an amendment that would have included Antifa in their resolution of condemnation.

Kirsanow explains that the left is at work dismantling the integrity of American institutions from within their organization just as they are the United States and world in general. He said, “I think it’s because they approve of a certain set of political positions and disapprove of others, and if you are perpetrating violence in furtherance of something they approve of, well, maybe they’ll look the other way.”

He continued, “They refused to adopt a very reasonable amendment to the resolution that all of us voted on condemning the violence in Charlottesville, but the resolution was directed only at the Klan, the white nationalists, the Nazis,” which he agrees with. But, “there’s copious amounts of reporting that shows that Antifa was also engaging in brutality, the New York Times reported it, a couple of media people were beat over the head by Antifa folks, they were using clubs, they were beating people.”

Kirsanow says they submitted a amendment that simply stated, “While we support peaceful protest, there was violent protest and we condemn the violence by all sides, including the so-called Antifa group, but the majority on the commission, 62, voted against it.”

Kirsanow says the only explanations offered by those voting against the amendment was that “they didn’t want to water down the original proposal and one of the commissioners said, ‘well, we don’t want to necessarily condemn people who may have gotten carried away. That’s an unsatisfactory response from the US Commission on Civil Rights. Our organic statute says that we deal with denials of equal protection, we’re about equal treatment.”

He doesn’t make the point but it is one that is likely a very strong motivator for their refusing to support the Amendment, is that supporting the idea that there was fault on both sides would have put them in support of the position that President Trump has taken. Too much effort to vilify him has been conducted to allow a little thing like professional integrity to mess things up. They certainly wouldn’t want to give him any ammunition with which to fire back at his attackers, their fellow anti-American leftists.

Both Carlson and Kirsanow agree that the idea of equal treatment under the law is under attack, with Kirsanow affirming that it is under attack at the US Commission on Civil Rights, “which we’re engaging in identity politics to a poisonous degree. It’s getting to be extremely dangerous.”

He says, “We expect at least the government and the media to be objective and unbiased. And when the government and the media is not objective and unbiased, we’re going down a very dangerous path that can only end badly. And I would hope that we reverse this and seek to apply the law and seek to apply the way we condemn violence in a universal fashion, in an evenhanded fashion.


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5 Comments on US CIVIL RIGHTS Comm CONDEMNS Charlottesville Violence, Won’t INCLUDE Top LEFTIST Offender

  1. “If Donald Trump is a Nazi, for not calling out Nazis, was Obama an Islamic terrorist for not calling out Islamic terrorists?” – Dinesh D’Souza.

    Antifa is a HATE-based group whose bigoted view of history ignores facts and historically established truth. This is absolutely typical…and reminiscent of Marxist groups whose protests were based solely on a warped ideology designed to pull down the existing government and social fabric of a democratic society rather than even attempting to address REAL issues of social importance.

    Antifa is a fascist organization whose primary goal is to silence any opinions that are not their own. Its members are ignorant, ill-educated, drug-takers who probably don’t have jobs apart from the sporadic employment destroying peaceful protests by other Americans, paid for by so-called liberal billionaires desperate to destroy conservatives, Republicans and Donald Trump’s presidency. – ‘Spot on’ and ‘stolen’ comment by “dc2b.”

  2. This is the only man who wanted what was right and just for everyone but the commission voted against civil liberties for all. Isn’t that a typical liberal viewpoint? I can do something but YOU cannot! It seems that reporters that used to report news the way it happened is passe’ in this volatile time. I do not care much for the clan but, in the same token, I do not care for reverse discrimination either. Discrimination of any kind is wrong at least in my way of thinking. I do not care what the hell color, race or creed you may be, in this country you used to have the same rights. After 8 long years of Hussein, things have changed dramatically in a way that does not benefit anyone that is not a democrat or their views. The newspapers have become nothing that you can believe. You can buy a Star or an Enquirer tabloid and find more truth. President Trump has done good things but the media will not elaborate on the good he has done. They only wish to smear him be it right or bee it wrong in their eyes. In the riot in Charlottesville, read the facts, then read between the lines as well. Charlottesville was play by play the way Antifa and liberals worked it in Berkley. President Trump called Charlottesville the way it was… there was violence on many sides. There was racism on many sides. Like it or not, there was only one side that had a permit to demonstrate and it was not Antifa or BLM. . Then, the permit was revoked and the peaceful demonstration went straight to violence, but not by those who applied for the permit. What if Antifa or BLM were the ones who applied for that same permit, it got revoked and Antifa or the BLM were sent out of the building into an angry mob of klansmen? That would have made the news and the newspapers the way it happened. This is almost exactly what happened in Berkley. It was probably many of the same actors that were at both riots. Maybe this commission has truly seen its better days and just needs to be forgotten because of its blind eye to justice for ALL. Right is right and wrong is wrong and this commission is dead wrong! I greatly appreciate and respect Peter Kirsanow for having the guts and the morals that he has to speak out against this kind of injustice. As for the racists in this commission, you are a sad group of pititful, little people who only see one side of things… your side.

  3. Fred A. Hisle // August 22, 2017 at 11:45 am // Reply

    What would anyone expect from an organization run by communist thugs!

  4. Fred A. Hisle // August 22, 2017 at 11:44 am // Reply

    James, do you have relative named Forrest, he would be 70 or 71 that lives in Scottsdale Az…?

    [email protected]


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