US Ambassador Haley Leads UN Walkout Of 40 Nations Opposing Naive Nuclear Ban

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US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, made a statement on Monday, both through her actions as well as her words, leading forty other nations in opposition to the latest grand exhibition of naiveté by the United Nations, a vote to ban all nuclear weapons.

Haley said, speaking on behalf of the group, “We wanted to stand here, basically, just to have our voices heard.” She noted, “Suddenly, the General Assembly wants to have a hearing to ban nuclear weapons. As a mom, as a daughter, there is nothing I want more for my family than a world with no nuclear weapons. But we have to be realistic.”

Haley asks, “Is there anyone that agrees that North Korea would agree to a ban on nuclear weapons? So what you would see is, the General Assembly would go through, in good faith trying to do something, but North Korea would be the one cheering and all of us, and the people we represent, would be the ones at risk.”She also asks, “Is it any surprise that Iran is supportive of this? It’s not.

Haley added, “You are going to see almost 40 countries that are not in the General Assembly today, and that’s forty countries that are saying, in this day and time we would love to have a ban on nuclear weapons. But in this day and time, we can’t honestly say that we can protect our people by allowing the bad actors to have them and those of us that are good, trying to keep peace and safety, not to have them.”

Included in the group of approximately 20 ambassadors behind Haley were the representatives of Britain and France, both possessing nuclear weapons, as well as non-nuclear nations of South Korea, Turkey and many eastern European countries. The Ambassadors of both Russia and China were absent from the dissenting group but have also chosen not to participate in the talks.

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8 Comments on US Ambassador Haley Leads UN Walkout Of 40 Nations Opposing Naive Nuclear Ban

  1. Yeah this is why the UN needs to go wonder how many of them that was talking this crap are from the foreign countries that have nuclear bombs, these people really think we’re all stupid. We need to get out of the UN

  2. Adrienne Graschem // March 30, 2017 at 4:48 am // Reply

    What a great choice Nikki was for this position….Once again Thank you Donald Trump for your insight….and
    intuitive thinking!!!
    You go girl!

  3. Nikki, you knocked it out of the park! Nice job!

  4. Nuclear weapons are, to say the least, a horrible invention. Nuclear power plants are equally as horrible because of their byproducts they create and how do these plants actually dispose of the waste from these vile plants? I am sure we really do not want to know. North Korea has been slapping their neighbors around for far to long. With their recent show of tyrannical behavior and N. Korea’s lack of regard for life, this is not a country that needs slingshots, let alone nuclear power. Countries that are a newer owner of nuclear power and might be perceived as a nuclear threat should be thought of as the greatest threat with North Korea at the top of that list. Middle Eastern countries should be closer to the top of that list, as well, because of their extreme willingness to fight or harbor terrorist cells of any kind. India is a surprise to me, though. Go after the unstable countries that have nothing to loose. Then, do away with nuclear power plants once and for all. The United Nations has done little to stop ISIS, IF they have done anything at all. Rattling their sword for humanitarian purposes has been their “thing”. As ISIS was in their infant stages, why didn’t the U.N. do something about these extremist Muslims? Now they, the UN, are going to control the world’s nuclear powers? Nuclear power is, as I said, a horrible invention. Allowing ISIS to gain the power they did, basically in the United Nations back yard, I smell a rat in the proverbial wood pile.

  5. AHH….. The sound of common sense and real intelligence…. beautiful!!!

  6. Way to not be induced by the evil powers to be! Stand your geound!

  7. She makes us proud!! Excellent choice President Trump.

  8. WHAT A GAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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