Unhinged Chuck Todd Unleashes Distorted Rant To “Prove” Trump Is a Racist

Chuck Todd joined in the most concerted effort since Access Hollywood to “get Trump,” labeling him a racist for questioning immigration discrimination against Christian whites.

chuck todd trump rant attacks racist

The anti-Trump media is pulling out all of the stops in the latest of their never-ending efforts to discredit, diminish and besmirch the character of President Trump.

The latest falsehood barrage involves their moronic contention that an accurate statement of the fact that current immigration policy is flooding our nation with less civilized and deliberately non-white people from “sh*thole countries” is somehow racist.

It’s a factual observation that confirms and calls into question the current anti-Caucasian racism of the left and policies put into practice by the white-hating, non-American impostor, Hussein Obama.

Propaganda tool Chuck Todd hides behind the thin veil of deniability provided by the words “who is viewed by many” as he declares President Trump to be “openly racist,” just as his bigoted colleague on CNN, Don Lemon, did earlier this week.  

Todd says “You cannot debate” what President Trump’s comments reveal “about his core beliefs, that white Europeans are good and brown immigrants are bad.” Stuff it, Chuckie, don’t tell us that we have to swallow your line of crap or can’t debate the fact that you and your globalist Democrat comrades are spewing propaganda that is untrue in an effort to overturn the last election.

Todd removed the nonstop distortions and hysteria of his network, NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN from the equation, pretending that people are deciding on their own that President Trump “sees everything though a racial prism.” When Trump called the media the most dishonest people on the planet he was not overstating things.   [[VIDEO BELOW]]

In smearing Trump, Todd says the language is not the point, a contention made by his next guest and apparently part of the agreed upon leftist and RINO narrative. He says it is merely is a confirmation of “the view of a business man who was sued for discrimination.” He takes a shot at Trump for “ranting about ‘president’ Obama’s birthplace,” although the impostor from parts unknown has still never provided a real birth certificate, instead, for some reason offering a shabbily done Photoshop fake that “newsboys” like Chuck Todd were all too willing to accept as real.

He continues, saying Trump called Mexicans rapists when in fact it was illegal alien Mexicans, many of which are rapists and child molesters that he was speaking of. He also wants to ban Muslim terrorists, from terrorist nations and to put reasonable restrictions on the current flood of Islamist into our country. Todd believes terrorists and Islamists should have easy access to Americans. 

Todd doesn’t seem to care about history, culture or the reality that America is a Christian nation. He  noticed, Todd, America is a Christian nation and we want to keep it that way, as is our right as citizens. Muslims have no right to demand entry, despite your hype and false claims. The rest of his claims are more of the same dishonest tripe that the left loves to shovel out in an effort to destroy this President, every one of which is a distortion that the uninformed or ignorant, his target audience, buy into completely.

He goes on to welcome David French from the never-Trump National review for a little more distortion and bashing. The mainstream media reaffirm on a daily basis that they are not news but are in fact the most insidious kind of propagandists out there, those who pretend to be news and operate as a news organization operates. The only difference being the content, which the malleable minds they target are incapable or uninformed enough to be aware of.

Chuck Todd is an enemy of America, just as George Soros, Don Lemon, and Hussein Obama are. He’s a liar and a globalist snake. Nothing that comes out of his filthy mouth is the truth.

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4 Comments on Unhinged Chuck Todd Unleashes Distorted Rant To “Prove” Trump Is a Racist

  1. PC and the need for “liberal civility” will not take the day. Someone must take a hard, forceful stand against the browning of America or we will continue to be, inch by inch, taken over. Laws must be equally applied.

  2. Josephine Marshall // January 15, 2018 at 12:38 am // Reply

    You guys, read the book the Paradigm. Then ask why Obama is going to use only blacks to build his library isn’t a racist remark. Everything these creeps accuse the President of Clinton and Obama are. By the way, who’s paying for the library and where did the $1.2 billion go that was suppose to be used for the new US embassy in England, straight into Obama’s pocket or Hillary’s foundation?

  3. James Higginbotham // January 14, 2018 at 3:17 pm // Reply

    just watch and see.

  4. Fred A. Hisle // January 14, 2018 at 2:20 pm // Reply

    Once again, upchuck tool has shown that he and the DemonRat cabol have Shit for brains.

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