UN Human Rights Hypocrite Berates US, Trump In Address – Let’s Get Out

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The Jordanian Muslim who currently holds the position of U.N. Human Rights Commissioner, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, is once again engaging in one of his favorite pastimes, berating America and specifically, President Donald Trump. The prince, who has spent most of his adult life telling other people how to live theirs either as entitled royalty or under the employment of United Nations, addressed a group of his fellow self-aggrandized control freaks. The setting was his annual report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland.

The arrogant, condescending Arab hypocrite declared, “In the United States of America, I am concerned by the new administration’s handling of a number of human rights issues.” He attacks our President, saying, “Greater and more consistent leadership is needed to address the recent surge in discrimination, anti-Semitism and violence against ethnic and religious minorities. Vilification of entire groups, such as Mexicans and Muslims and false claims that migrants commit more crimes than US citizens are harmful and fuel xenophobic abuses. I am dismayed at the attempts by the President to intimidate or undermine journalists and judges.”

This UN pinhead pretty much gave us more reasons than we needed to abandon any role in their phony Human Rights Commission farce and the UN altogether, for that matter. First of all, he doesn’t get to pick our President and we don’t need some snob from a religion that values women less than goats telling and treats them like property telling us how to live our lives. This guy should have been included in the travel ban just because he’s such an ass.

Nobody’s vilifying the Mexicans in their own country and Muslims vilify themselves daily through their actions, whether they’re in their own countries, America or Europe. This self-righteous clown doesn’t believe in full disclosure or he would mention as he’s endorsing the Mexican invasion of America that he used to be Jordan’s non-resident Ambassador to Mexico. Apparently living in Mexico or spending significant amounts in that “great nation” was too degrading for his royal blood, so he did it by long distance. Not only is he not objective, he’s not honest enough to mention it.

The UN egghead completely misses the point, probably intentionally, that it doesn’t matter what percentage of their population commits crimes. If they’re not here they can’t hurt Americans and being here is a crime, so those phantom figures he’s relying upon aren’t worth the paper they’re not written on. 100% of them are committing a crime, some are more violent than others. That percentage falls to zero if they remain in Mexico, that’s the point he chooses not to grasp.

As for journalists and judges, they’re fake news propagandists who have to be called out and challenged on their dishonesty and judges who have agendas and do not uphold the law. Of course Zeid’s agenda doesn’t allow those facts to be recognized.

It’s worth remembering that in September of last year he also chose to attack America and then-candidate Trump in the General Assembly of the UN. He said that the “defenders of what is good and right,” the UN globalist power consolidators such as himself, “are being outflanked in too many countries by race-baiting bigots.” Those being our current President and the leaders of populist nationalist movements across Europe, those opposed to his Muslim and open borders global invasion.

Without naming anyone publicly, the hypocrite threatened, “We will continue to name you publicly. The little big man warned, “You may soon walk away from this hall, but not from the broader judgment of we the people, all the world’s people, not from us.” His world citizenry, devoid of national identities and loyalties, subjects of the United Nations cabal.

Keep it up Zeid, we the people of the United States have had enough of you pissants telling us what we are or are not going to do. Get back on your camel and ride off into the sunset, permanently.

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5 Comments on UN Human Rights Hypocrite Berates US, Trump In Address – Let’s Get Out

  1. Dump the UN now!

  2. TONYA PARNELL // March 10, 2017 at 2:45 pm // Reply


  3. Zeid, The U.N. seems to be somewhat of a powerhouse for humanitarian causes, right? When ISIS reared its head, I waited to hear the U.N. was going after ISIS and would send them all to hell. Nothing! Not a word or an action on the U.N.’s part. Then, Jordanian pilots were killed, I believe, and the KING himself, being a pilot, flew missions against ISIS. That was/is one ballsy King and I, personally, respect the hell out of that King! Russian pilots were killed. What was ISIS thinking? Vladimir Putin got involved and, again, I respect the hell out of Mr. Putin, as well, because he acted aggressively as necessary against ISIS. Throughout all of this, where the hell was the United Nations? Maybe I missed the U.N.’s involvement… but I do not believe that I did. My final question is about the thousands of “refugees”. With the Middle East being a fairly wealthy area, if you will, why didn’t these “refugees” go to their neighboring Muslim countries to live?? President Trump is right and with just cause to ban Muslims entry into the United States after watching how the Muslim have invaded Europe and the path of destruction they left in the wake. Even what is happening daily in the countries that took these “refugees” in so they could start a new life. These countries have been spat on by these ungrateful beings. Don’t remark about America or President Trump. We’ll be fine. However, the U.N. and you need to “grow a pair” and go after ISIS. If you are not part of the solution, maybe you are part of the problem, eh?

  4. A good Muslim is a dead Muslim. More good Muslims needed.

  5. A sorry SOS. May he meet his virgins soon.

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