UN Ambassador Haley Frustrates “Gotcha” Dem Swamp Creature

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Rep Jerry Connolly (D-VA) actually represents some of the swamp creatures as his district, and as one of them. He tries to pull the usual gotcha type of questioning on UN Ambassador Haley, who doesn’t let him get away with it.

In trying to craft an impressive elitist question he cites her as having previously stated that “the budget was making a point more than an it was a serious intention in and of itself.” We could ask the Congressman if he’s trying to make a point and if he’s serious as well, based upon the content of the next five minutes.

He has selected the zeroing out of funding for UNICEF as the issue of contention he’s targeting first, asking, “Why would we zero it out, what point was being made in that budget?” She informs the Congressman who is feigning ignorance that the budget in its entirety was putting the UN on notice and that the budget “is very much a conversation point.”

In making her explanation to the pompous Connolly, Haley says that President Trump was making the point that we need to build up our military when he stopped her in his synthetic self-righteousness, saying, “I don’t think you want to go there.” The cheap shot artist then accuses the administration of funding our military on the backs of children around the world who are at risk of malnutrition. Haley says there’s working room for UNICEF to be funded. Connolly then makes sure he gets the last word before moving to his next attempt to pin his opponent.

Connolly asks Haley at the 2:38 mark in the video, “You said members up at the UN are just so glad we’re ‘leading again.’ Are those the same members who have condemned Trump’s ripping up of the TPP and renouncing the Paris agreement? After once being interrupted, she explains to the globalist shill that “the US has to make decisions that are in the best interest of the US. It is not in the best interest of our businesses or our industries. We are not going to throw the climate out the window, we’re going to continue to manage that. You may not agree with how we manage that but I will tell you that I think what the President did was in the best interest of businesses and it was in the best interest of the country and that does not mean we are not going to be good stewards of the climate.”

Connolly replies, “Well, that would come as news to a lot of big businesses that endorsed it. [And positioned themselves for subsidies and preferential standing for government and UN contracts] Haley continues, “And we don’t want China and Russia telling us how we need to handle our climate I think that it’s very important…” The libtard interrupts with another inane babble, saying, “Excuse me, we helped initiate the Paris agreement, they didn’t put a gun to our heads at all.” Which is true, Obama held the gun for them and once it went into effect it was effectively on a permanent tripod. She notes that Obama and Kerry violated the Constitutional in doing so, saying, “But it didn’t go through the Senate and it didn’t get passed by the Senate.” The elitist Democrat keeps firing his rubber bullets and keeps missing, saying, “Well it’s a proud moment that we’re joining two other countries in the international community, Nicaragua and Syria. It must be a proud moment.” “We’re being independent, we’re being independent,” replied Haley.

He then tries to trick her into some kind of odd admission about conversations with the Russians that lacks any sense of the direction or presumed point he might have been attempting to make. She’s speaking for herself on our behalf, something this true swamp fascist finds unfathomable. In this gotcha expedition, Connolly bagged himself.


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  1. Rep Connolly needs to find a job chasing seagulls at a garbage dump.

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