UC “Brown Power Supremacist Summit” Draws CA Officials, State Senate Leader de Leon

brown power de leon


A meeting at the University of California  Riverside was held on Saturday, May 6th, with its purpose being to promote the “brown power movement,” overthrow of the current representative government and a supposed return to the mythical kingdom of Aztlan, where white people serve their Latino masters. The organizers and event officials don’t even try to hide it. It’s in their literature and a topic of discussion from the lectern.

The narrator in the video describes the event as a “Mexico is taking over California celebration, the day after Cinco de Mayo.” He says “the list of people to attend is a who’s who when it comes to Latino politicians, former politicians, people running for governor, and NGOs.”

They switch to a shot of the literature inside the event, with the first publication being one titled “Mexicano and Latino Politics and the Quest for Self-Determination,” which features a cover depicting the United States broken up into Aztlan and what’s left over.”

The narrator shoots what he describes as “one of the main handouts for this meeting,” noting the heading which reads, “Proposed Strategic Recommendations in Order to Create a Mexicano/Latino Grass Roots Movement to Challenge Trump’s Policies.” He points out that it is the Latino first subversives who make it about race while calling the Trump supporters and white people in general Klansmen, Nazis and racists.

He asks, “Could you imagine if eight years ago this paper had said ‘Strategic Recommendations in Order to Create a White Grass Roots Movement to Challenge Obama’s Policies? It would be the end of the world, but they’re allowed to do this.” He also points to one of the lies on the handout in particular, one that tells the gullible and feeble minded who follow them that President Trump is going to use nuclear weapons to enforce construction of his “Iron Curtain” wall. This type of taking liberty and portraying lies as truth is commonplace throughout academia today and in the UC system of re-education, as this former so-called professor clearly demonstrates.

The woman hosting the event describes the “summit” as being designed “to develop a plan of action anti to what Trump is doing to Mexicanas, Mexicanos, Latinos and Latinas in this country.” She seems to recognize some members of the group to which the video maker belongs, the Trump hats and T-shirts may have helped her in that process, saying, “I notice that some of you are not here for that reason, we are here to work, we don’t want any disruptions. The moment belligerency starts, the police will be called and you will be escorted out,” presumably regardless of who is at fault.

She says they are there to develop a plan that is in favor of “our people.”  Another speaker urges the radicals to stay the course, that “the battles are going to be many and the war is going to get ugly as we approach the next few weeks and months. Thank you very much, viva la raza.” Long live the race, the brown supremacist bigot says, unashamedly as the rest of the brown supremacists in attendance stand in applause.

As the woman host brings the gathering to order and issues another warning to those in attendance from the opposition that she will call the officers to escort them out, she reminds the gathering with what she calls “a moment of clarification,” that “this is not a school board meeting, this is not a board of education meeting, this is a brown power meeting.”

The video ends with the leader of the California State Senate, Kevin de Leon, making his way to the affair. Anyone who has ever listened to this guy talk has no doubt of his belief and agitation in support of a brown power, seditious, Aztlan agenda. It’s again reinforced by his presence, an ominous proposition with de Leon a likely candidate for governor the next time around.

Apparently racism is only ugly and unacceptable if it is engaged in by a white person. In those instances, real or fabricated, bleeding heart social justice Democrats are all over the mainstream Fake Media demonizing and exaggerating the incident. That type of condemnation only happens with white folks, however. The BLM type thuggery and this collection of anti-American subversives plotting our destruction to promote their Latino race is not challenged in any way, except by the American people at large, the silent majority; the people who put their hope in and their support behind President Trump.

They are the enemy of this subversive movement and the radical secessionists who populate it, those on display at this event.

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