Unbelievable Two-Year Sentence For Illegal Alien Who Killed 2 Kids, Their Dad

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The judge responsible for this sentence is not to blame. He recently ordered the maximum the law allows, two years, for the charge of negligent homicide. The illegal alien driving the vehicle that killed the father and his two children had a criminal record. He should not have been in the US and like the rest of them, should have already been deported.

The illegal alien, Margarito Quintero Rosales, had previously fled the US when he was sought in Missouri on a burglary charge and returned. He claims he fell asleep at the wheel, causing him to crash his van headlong into the vehicle containing Peter Hacking and his two young children. All three were killed. The illegal who killed them survived. The crash took place on March 31st, 2016 in Wylie Texas.

The media report describes him in the politically correct language of an undocumented immigrant. That false terminology removes the illegality of their conduct and implies legitimacy were it not for the “technicality” of paperwork.

They are committing a crime every second they’re in this nation. They are illegals, there should be a penalty that is enforced for the crime of being in this country. We thought we were getting that with AG Sessions, but it seems we’ve still got Loretta Lynch occupying his seat.

The widow and mother who lost her two children, Courtney Hacking, has lost her life as well. She’s fighting to have the law changed on negligent homicide, to have being an illegal alien considered as an aggravating factor. That would be a great thing for the nation if she is able to accomplish it and for her as a way of coping with her loss.

But her life, as it was, is over. Her joy, her future and her soul have been stripped away from her by the careless acts of someone who, were it not for the complicit federal and local governments, would not have been in America.

If employer sanctions were enforced by the Homeland Security and the DOJ, the illegal would not have been working, at least not on the books and those who employed him would now be facing sanctions as well.

That interior enforcement is not happening as the pro-illegal court system and previous rogue Obama regime have provided favored status to illegals, placing their wellbeing over that of Americans.

Anyone who looks at Mrs. Hacking and says it was just a tragic accident is either ignorant or intentionally distorting the truth. That illegal wasn’t supposed to be here. If others had done the job they took an oath to do and those in positions of authority had permitted them to do it, those kids would be alive today and so would their firefighter dad.

It’s called a justice system. As it is applied these days, nothing could be further from the truth. Democrats love to blame guns for the actions of people and ask how many more? They share responsibility for this death with the killer with open border, chamber of commerce phony Republicans.

They enable them to be in this country for political purposes. How many more Americans have to die, how many more families torn apart, Democrats and RINOs? There are laws on the books to prevent this. By what authority do you ignore them?


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4 Comments on Unbelievable Two-Year Sentence For Illegal Alien Who Killed 2 Kids, Their Dad

  1. God be with this lady. I know of a guy who did this very same thing. He fell asleep at the wheel and killed a tow truck driver. The guy who fell asleep was an American, though, and he got 5 years for killing one individual. So, with that said, why are our “law makers”, judges and defense attorneys protecting the illegals and throwing this lady under the proverbial bus? It was an accident. I get that but, had he not been here, he would not have killed this lady’s husband and her beautiful babies! Then there’s the fact that he will, in all probability, come right back to America after being deported. There should be a stipulation that, if he comes back to America for any reason, he will serve an additional 15 years in prison without possibility of parole. What the HELL has happened to our so called law makers that they hold illegals and refugees in a higher status than the Americans who have lived in this country their entire lives? Liberals are tanking this country with their “modified ways of thinking”.

  2. i agree with Ben.
    and WHEN IT DOES DISINTEGRATE, it’s going to lead to a LOT OF BLOOD SHED.

  3. Dr Rolland Kerr // October 9, 2017 at 10:25 am // Reply

    Wow! Please support this Beautiful Lady, and ask Sessions to either Poop or get off of the Pot!

  4. They are a protected class, along with everyone else who has a higher melanin content. We are at the tipping point and this country as founded is about to disintegrate right in front of our eyes.

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