Twitter Censors Conservative Political Speech – Refuses To Post “Offensive” Republican Ad

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The censorship at Twitter has gone beyond merely choking down conservative sites and killing our traffic, a fact of life now common throughout the leftist controlled social media. They are now censoring American politicians as well, deciding what political speech is and is not appropriate for the American people to hear or read.

Twitter had better hope their attempts to defeat Marsha Blackburn and other conservatives are effective or they’re buying themselves a bucket full of antitrust and other legal problems. The fact that they’re censoring a sitting Congresswoman may even bring their chickens home to roost before the 2018 elections.

On Monday, a digital ad by Republican Senatorial candidate Rep Marsha Blackburn was blocked by Twitter due to what it claimed was an inflammatory statement. That statement, contained in a campaign video, touted Mrs. Blackburn’s success against the abortion industry.

In the video Blackburn says, “I’m 100% pro-life. I fought Planned Parenthood and we stopped the sale of baby body parts. Thank God.” Apparently stating a fact about the brutality and butchery of the Planned Parenthood business model and its operations is not in keeping with Twitter’s leftist gatekeepers’ opinion of acceptable content. Telling the truth is, from their perspective, “imflammatory.”

Twitter told Blackburn’s team that the ad would be blocked unless Blackburn’s claim that she stopped the sale of baby body parts while serving in Congress is edited out. In response, the Blackburn campaign did not modify her video and urged supporters to share it through other social media and to join her “in standing up to Silicon Valley.”

A Blackburn aide commented on the censorship, asking, “Since when do they get to decide what political content is appropriate? We hope to send them a message on how inappropriate this is and will ensure the pro-life community is aware of their actions.”

The Twitter control freaks have most certainly brought Rep Blackburn much more attention through their Big Brother authoritarianism than the advertisement would have garnered had they just let it run.

Along with creating an adversary who is a front runner for a Senate seat, more Americans may finally realize that the social media giants really are part of the enemy network that is implementing the leftist, anti-American agenda.  

They only censor the right, which is a violation of our First Amendment rights in the context of a regulated national speech platform. Blackburn and her fellow conservatives might want to take up the idea of antitrust action in the near future. Perhaps that is what she meant by standing up to Silicon Valley.

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6 Comments on Twitter Censors Conservative Political Speech – Refuses To Post “Offensive” Republican Ad

  1. I don’t know how they get away with this, and I am not sure what normal legal actions can be taken. Something needs to be done with that little weasel Zuck and the other social media censors.

  2. Wonderful ad! Shame on Twitter, they’re backing the wrong side and it could be their downfall. I believe Marsha Blackburn will make a great Senator, let’s see she gets there.

  3. well.

  4. Kelleigh Nelson // October 10, 2017 at 8:28 am // Reply

    I’m from TN, and Marsha Blackburn’s voting record proves she belongs on the other side of the aisle, don’t be fooled, she’s just like the rotten neo-con Trotskyite Gov. Bill Haslam who is term limited in 2018…she just wears a dress.

    • I agree. Unfortunately she talks the talk whenever she gets before camera, and will get all the pro-life voters? She never met a spending bill she didn’t like, she’s for “free” markets (TPP), and I believe she also supported Boehner when they tried to get rid of him.

    • Well darn, that ad looked so good. Who then, Kelleith?

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