These Twelve House Republicans Voted Against Tax Bill – Have One Thing In Common

Twelve Republican members of the House of Representatives voted against the tax reform bill. One might wonder why they would vote against a tax cut for their constituents, it

tax bill house vote twelve

The House Republicans who voted against the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act knew that the bill was going to pass regardless of what they did, so their votes against it were largely symbolic and political in nature.

They saw, in their particular situations, a greater down side to aligning with President Trump and giving the American people more of their own money to spend as well as a booming economy and opted for the status quo as somehow being preferable.

That is something they will have to either justify or be championing next year. With less money coming out of people’s paychecks it’s likely going to be a tough sell going into the November House elections.

There were twelve Republican House members in all who voted against their party and the majority on Tuesday, opting to instead throw in with every Democrat who failed to support the legislation. Democrats never think or vote for themselves. They’re just seat holders who vote as they’re told by Soros and the rest of the globalist Democrat leadership.

Lower income tax rates for both individuals and small businesses is the kind of thing one would expect would have led to unanimous support. The jobs created by lowering the corporate tax rate and repatriating money overseas are Republican type issues. Even the eventual repeal of the Obamacare individual mandate wasn’t enough to persuade them they were on the wrong course.

Those 12 Representatives who may have a lot of explaining to do are:

Dana Rohrabacher – CA

Darrell Issa – CA

Walter B. Jones – NC

Frank A. LoBiondo – NJ

Christopher H. Smith – NJ

Leonard Lance – NJ

Rodney Frelinghuysen – NJ

Lee Zeldin – NY

Peter T. King – NY

Dan Donovan – NY

John J. Faso – NY

Elise Stefanik – NY

It’s worth noting that every one of the “no” votes with the exception of Walter Jones is from the Democrat enclaves of California, New Jersey or New York. All of those states have high state income taxes with deductions that would be negatively impacted by the legislation.

Like they say, all politics is local.


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6 Comments on These Twelve House Republicans Voted Against Tax Bill – Have One Thing In Common

  1. Josephine Marshall // December 21, 2017 at 6:21 am // Reply

    Have you noticed that Ryan keeps saying WE when things look good? He di definitely a wanna be president. Trouble is, his isn’t the President now. Maybe someone should tell him that. At the end of the Presidents speech today, Rayan turned around and shook hands with several people behind him. The Vice President and President were the only other men shaking hands with everybody. During all of the speeches, Ryan was front and center with his stupid grin on his face. He has gone against the President more than once. The President needs to watch out for that one.

  2. I hope we primary every one who is up for election. I agree this is all managed opposition and everyone votes they way they are told, to fool the voters.

    I am disappointed that Trump did not fight for elimination of the AMT, the death tax, and simply, at most, 3 rates all reduced. I was under the impression that the collection of the mandate by the IRS had already been repealed by Trump, and the IRS was directed to not collect it?

  3. Their names should be put on a business card and put on every checkout counter wherever things are sold. Once revealed, Out they go at election time.

  4. Kelleigh+Nelson // December 20, 2017 at 10:16 pm // Reply

    But I don’t want those people moving into our states and turning them blue.

  5. James Higginbotham // December 20, 2017 at 1:09 pm // Reply

    i wonder if any of those RINOS are up for REELECTION in 2018?
    because they always act like COMMUNIST DEMOPRATS TO ME.

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