Turncoat Corker LECTURES TRUMP – Be POLITICALLY Correct, Even Though It’s Wrong

bob corker

Jake Tapper isn’t the only nasally establishment troll with a prominent position trying to use it to take down the president, Senator Bob Corker (RINO- TN) is also engaging in that effort. It’s pile on time for the Kerry ally who, along with John McCain, helped usher the Iran deal through the Senate as the fake opposition.

Either he senses or has been told by his globalist masters  that President Trump is vulnerable as the “racist, racist, racist” frothing replaces their “Russia, Russia, Russia” for the time being. Corker, who was unwisely considered possible Secretary of State and Vice President material by President Trump at one time, shows through his comments that passing him over was an early good decision by the President.

Corker said, “The President has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. And we need for him to be successful, our nation needs for him to be successful, [That’s why he’s trashing him, to help him with his success] it doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, we need for our President, the world needs our President to be successful.”

Of course this POS knows that it makes a huge difference if you’re a Republican or Democrat because the Democrats are obstructing everything and attacking viciously, most of the time based upon lies and innuendos in an effort to end the Trump Presidency. It may not matter to him because he’s one of those Republicans who could just as easily be wearing a “D” behind his name. His true party affiliation is “G,” the Globalist Establishment uniparty.

The politically correct political prostitute and establishment tool Corker joins in attacking President Trump for failing to demonize white people for standing up for themselves against the vicious thugs that Corker chooses to embrace, the Democrat communists, AntiFa and BLM goons.

Corker said, “Helping inspire divisions  because it generates support from your political base is not a formula for causing our nation to advance, our nation to overcome the many issues that we have to deal with right now.”

He threatened President Trump to fall in line with the good old boys who run the swamp, saying, “I will say we’re at a point where there needs to be radical changes take place at the White House itself. It has to happen. I think our President needs to take stock of the role that he plays in our nation and move beyond himself.”

Corker continues with his Doctor Drew impressions, saying, “move way beyond himself and move to a place where daily he’s waking up thinking about what is best for our nation.” Maybe, in that bed that Corker sleeps, in which lobbyists have their pillows covering his sinuses and Democrats disturb him by kicking the covers off at night, he gets the idea that others sleep that same way too.

President Trump doesn’t share doesn’t sleep around like RINO Senators do Corker. You might try working more and pontificating less and your worthless, ineffectual, do-nothing chamber of Congress might actually accomplish something other than preening and sound “real important and philosophical.”

Corker wasn’t done yet, though. He said, “I don’t think that the President has appropriately spoken to the nation on this issue and I think that sometimes it gets into a situation where he doubles down to try to prove a, make a wrong right. I think he’s done that in this case and I would ask that he take stock of who he is as President of all the people in our nation and that he condemn those things that are separating.

Corker clearly supports the Democrat mayor’s setup of the white protesters in Charlottesville and the unfair branding of all of the participants in what was a peaceful protest until they were forced into the Democrat ambush as racists. They were the victims who had their permit cancelled at the last minute who were targeted for violence by the very thugs Corker and other political hookers absolve entirely.

Maybe the embarrassment to Tennessee POS should reflect on himself and his own dishonesty and lack of integrity before condemning and preaching down to our President who is standing up for the little guy, even if he happens to be white.


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14 Comments on Turncoat Corker LECTURES TRUMP – Be POLITICALLY Correct, Even Though It’s Wrong

  1. Kelleigh Nelson // August 19, 2017 at 6:26 am // Reply

    HAHAHHAHAHHAHA…YER TOO FUNNY. I got the okay to share this today, now we’ll wait, watch and see. Other things very disconcerting with our prez. Expect Rick is writing, as am I

  2. Kelleigh Nelson // August 18, 2017 at 8:57 pm // Reply

    Here’s an example of what our rotten TN governor has done to TN education because he loved Arne Duncan so much:

    Eric Holcombe, an engineering and home schooling father of 3 bright, well behaved children, has filled in the blanks on the test scores of Tennessee government run “public” schools. The results are horrifying.


    Science is the only area where a slim majority (51%) aren’t flatly failing. However, that’s the one area where the standards supposedly have not been made more rigorous. There would like be a majority that aren’t “on track” or classified as “mastered” is the new science standards were used.

    With these abysmal results and the chaos that we see in this country right now, isn’t it time to remove your kids from the government run “public” schools and educate your children to higher common sense standards? Your children are the most precious creation that God Almighty entrusts to you other than your own eternal salvation and life. Get them out of these statist indoctrination temples. Maybe then this country will have a future that isn’t bleak.

  3. Kelleigh Nelson // August 18, 2017 at 8:19 pm // Reply

    You guys would have to understand TN politics to understand how screwed we are, we have my local Congressman, John Duncan retiring and our no-good-nick County mayor wants his job, which will not be good, the mayor, Tim Burchett has never worked a day in his life other than in politics…if you call that work. So, Tim Burchett wants Jimmy Duncan’s seat. Tim even loves Agenda 21, or 30 or whatever the hell they’re calling it now and wouldn’t help us defeat Smart Growth here, which was brought in by our governor Haslam when Haslam was city Mayor of Knoxville. He hired his communist opponent, Madeline Rojero, who is now City Mayor, and he allowed her to apply for the grants and in came Smart Growth for 7 counties. Ours is the biggest county, so with 500,000 people, if we had backed out it would have caved, but we couldn’t get our stupid so-called Conservative Mayor Burchett to pull out of it.

    Okay, so when is Corker’s term up? In 2018, and the scuttlebutt is that he may retire. You know who wants his job, our lying no good SOB governor, Bill Haslam. Now Bill Haslam has a whole lot of money because he and his family own Pilot Oil/Flying J. He spent 20 mil to get the governorship back in 2010. He is another weasel of the highest order, campaigned that he’s a Christian conservative, loves Agenda 21, loved Czar Arnie Duncan, screwed over all TN schools with common core, was invited to Obama white house, has raised taxes on us including gas tax which benefits him, he’s a louse and he’s not the brightest marble in the jar.
    So, guess who Haslam’s good friend is? None other than Mike Pence, and Mike Pence wants to be Prez very very badly, he’s salivating for it, and guess who has the money to get him there, Haslam, who would make Pence a nice VP. It’s all planned, all ugly, and every one of these bastards is a neo-con Trotskyite (a slow Marxist), they’re establishment insider globalists. Argh, and Haslam bragged that he wrote in Pence for President rather than voting for Trump! If you check out how Pence voted his 12 years in Congress, he’s voted exactly opposite of nearly everything Trump stands for. So who do I think the biggest rotter in this administration is…Michael Pence, who would never have been re-elected to governor in Indiana because the Hoosiers hated him, he says he got rid of common core, and he just renamed it. He says he signed religious freedom restoration act, when all he did was cave when Eli Lilly threatened to leave the state, which they would never do. He’s another rotter who should be ousted, and oh yes, he’s really good friends with jeff Flake, who is allegedly on the Pizzagate pedo list. God help us. As for Mike Pence, he’s one of these so self-righteous Christians who carries a Bible out front, is pious and perfect, but behind his back he carries a knife…so look out!

    There’s your inside tidbit of info, but don’t pass it on.

    • Fortunately, Kelleigh, the rickwells.us site originates in Las Vegas and whatever you say in rickwells.us stays in rickwells.us. No one will ever know…

  4. OH’ OK.

  5. can’t wait for what you have Rick.

  6. “Weasel” is the perfect characterization of this b’tard. He’s a total embarrassment to the voters of the Volunteer State. They need to wake up and replace him soon.

    I wish I had kept some of the letters I wrote to Trump when he appeared to be considering this little shit for SOS. My writing was much more articulate back then.

    • Kelleigh Nelson // August 18, 2017 at 12:15 pm // Reply

      Unfortunately, the one chosen to replace him is as bad if not worse than he is. Every politician but a few in the state of TN are neo-con Trotskyites, including our rotten governor.

  7. Being politically correct is, excuse my language, for pussies! It is high time feelings get hurt by words that are spoken. This way many people can learn that a tougher hide is necessary in this world to survive and prosper. We had 8 years of “politically correct” and it farmed a country of pussies, idiots and mindless sheeple that believe everything they hear and cry a blue streak when they don’t get their way! (re: This past election and much more) “Politically correct” is not the way to go, Corker. Try something new… being a man!

  8. TONYA PARNELL // August 18, 2017 at 10:03 am // Reply


  9. Kelleigh Nelson // August 18, 2017 at 8:06 am // Reply

    This pissant 5’7″ shortstack is still ticked that he wasn’t chosen for Sec. of State. He’s a weasel and just like the Sr. Senator from Tn, Lamar Alexander who voted against repealing Obamacare…both are birds of a feather and are globalist insiders. I have some inside info on this bozo…it will come out soon.


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