Tucker Carlson – Democrats Oppose Border Wall Because They Know It Will Work

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A clip of Attorney General Sessions starts the discussion with him making the point, “Throughout this whole process I’ve been saying that whenever you come up with anything that will actually fix the problems, that is what does not pass. They’ll pass anything as long as it doesn’t work. They’ll talk about fixing the border again and again and again, but when the chips are down, they back off.”

Sessions says we’re close, “the American people have been asking for it for thirty years, it’s time for the politicians to deliver once and for all, and we can do it.” Tucker Carlson is asked if the administration is making their case effectively, that the border wall makes us safer. He indicates that is exactly the problem, that “they’ve made their case so effectively, as the Attorney General just said, nobody wants to pass it. He’s absolutely right, the main problem with the border wall is that it works.”

“And that’s what it’s opponents fear,” says Carlson, “they’re not offering up any kind of substantive or principled opposition to it. It costs too much, really? From people who don’t care what anything costs? That’s not a real argument. Their real problem with it is this may stop the flow of cheap labor and new Democrat voters into the country.”

Kilmeade says he thinks the bigger story is they want to stop President Trump. Carlson points out that it is the immigration issue that drives the Democrat hatred for the President, and that is because they understand that sealing the porous border means reduced power for them. He observes, “Virtually every person who comes in here illegally, if he stays long enough will become a Democrat voter. They know that, it’s the future of their party. That’s why their back is up against the wall and they’re so against this.”

Carlson says, “If we could just agree on the principle, we’d be a lot better, and the principle is the United States, its people, its government, has a right to determine who comes here and who does not. They can’t agree on that. They are very, very close, the Democrat leadership, to making an explicit argument in favor of open borders. Wow, I mean think about it, what would happen actually, to the country, to its labor markets, to its environment, to its culture, to its language, to its security – exactly right, if that happened.”

“And yet,” says Carlson, “they’re arguing for it. It’s an amazing moment.”

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  1. Please GOD, help us evaporate all Liberal Democrats into thin air, and blow them to the Middle East where they can live HAPPY ever after…AMEN

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