Truth About NYT, CLINTON, MCCAIN – Brings Sudden End To SCHEUER BBC Interview

michael scheuer


The BBC interviewer had prepared to lead his guest on a typical President Trump vilification tour of erroneous claims presented as fact. Evidently they didn’t research their guest, Michael Scheuer very well or there’s a patriot somewhere in the ranks of BBC that they’ll need to ferret out and deal with. The truth can’t be allowed out onto the airwaves.

Scheuer, a former CIA intelligence officer and author, is calling in from the state of North Virginia, according to the graphic. The interview begins with a question about the guest’s thoughts on the report by the New York Times that President Trump attempted to coerce James Comey into dropping an investigation against General Michael Flynn. After reading the NYT quote, the host asks Scheuer, “What does that amount to you?” He receives the first of several answers he doesn’t like.

Scheuer replies, “It amounts to me the suggestion that he would like to avoid the bother of something that had very little basis in fact, but he didn’t order Comey to do anything. So to me it’s much ado about not much.”

The libtard host has another go at it, this time quoting the statute that he’s accusing Mr. Trump of having violated. Of course the President is no ordinary citizen and the FBI Director works for him. That statute does not apply to their relationship as employer and employee. The host insists, “He didn’t have to order Mr. Comey to shut down the investigation did he? He only needed to lean on him.”

Scheuer responds, “If there’s any obstruction of justice all you need to do is review Comey’s history. Comey has abetted the senior people of the Democrat Party to stay out of prison for his whole term.” The hosts makes the mistake of basing another question upon reporting by the New York Times, which Scheuer quickly shreds into tiny bits of incredibility. Summing up his response he says, “So if you’re asking me, ‘Do I believe the New York Times?’ – uh, no. And if Comey produces a memo, I would think it has to come out of the electronic system of the FBI.  If it comes from Comey’s home, you have either the chance of it being written in the past ten days or he is keeping information about private conversations with the President at home, instead of in secure accommodations.”

That statement isn’t even heard by the host who is only interested in securing an affirmation of blame in one direction, upon the President and his team. He tries a different tactic, blaming President Trump for the stagnation that is occurring because of the Democrat, along with establishment RINOs putting their obstructionist agenda before the good of the nation.

Scheuer fires back, saying, “Republicans are on the same side as the Democrats. You have to remember that both establishments are anti-Trump and will be until and unless he’s able to tame them. Take for example now that idiot McCain you had on there, talking about Watergate.” The know-it-all globalist host then incorrectly identifies McCain as head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, a committee he’s not even on.

Scheuer points out, “Seven months after they started an investigation of this Russia business, the only piece of evidence they have is from the word of a private sector IT company that worked for Hillary Clinton.” Scheuer says their statement was contradicted by the British Royal Services Institute, who said they were lying. He also informs the ignorant host and his audience that the DNC won’t allow the FBI to look at their supposedly hacked computer. As he closes that point, saying, “If it wasn’t for that private sector, Clinton-employed company, we would have nothing to go on.”

That’s more blasphemy against the Clintons than the BBC can allow their audience to be exposed to, the interview is abruptly terminated at that point. That’s probably the last BBC appearance for Mr. Scheuer, he’s too darn honest for the “free” British press and public television.

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